Chapter Three: The alpha's handsome nephew

I jumped up and moved away from the wall, scared of being alone with him.

"I promise I won't hurt you," he told me.

I huddled against the wall, wanting him to leave before Phyllis returned.

"Can you talk?" he asked. "I won't hurt you," he again said.

I nodded, wanting him to leave or I'd surely be in serious trouble.

He did not leave but stood there staring at me with his dark brown mesmerizing eyes.

"I'm Josh Hernandez and I'm twenty-three, and you?"

"Eighteen," I said softly. A name I could not give him, for I had none, and I didn’t want him to know what Phyllis called me.

"Wow," he said surprised. "You have a beautiful voice, but can I have your name as well?"

I froze, not answering him.

"Your name must be as sweet as your voice," he said.

I smiled. His voice made me feel strange inside.

"Yes, that's what I want to see on your beautiful face, happiness, not sadness," he said, cheering me up.

I was amazed at how he described me. Phyllis had never described me in such a way. Was I really beautiful?

"Beautiful?" I asked him.

"Yes, you are like a red rose," he said.

I shyly smiled at him, overwhelmed by his words.

I moved my right hand to my small, round face and touched it, wondering if his words were true, not paying attention to him anymore.

I felt a strong warm hand on my right hand.  I raised my head and stared at him standing close to me. He moved his hand from my hand and gently ran the back of it along my left cheek.

"You are indeed beautiful," he said.

I smiled. He was different. He was kind and sweet. He didn't choose to describe me harshly, as Phyllis did. He was everything I expected the world outside of my cell would be—filled with love and not pain. I was excited to meet more people like him.

He removed his hand from my cheek and asked, "So aren't you going to tell me your name, beautiful?"

"Name?" I repeated, not having any name to give him.

I lowered my eyes, not knowing what to say. I wanted to lie to him and give him any name, but I didn't think that would be wise. If I lied, I would be letting myself down.

"Your sweet voice is tempting me to kiss to you," he said.

"Kiss?" I repeated, clueless about what he was talking about, but I was eager to find out.

"What is kiss?" I asked him.

"Really," he said, while he stared at me, surprised.

I lowered my eyes, feeling ashamed.

"No, no," he said, trying to cheer me up. "I'm sorry for how I reacted to your question. It's just that I'm surprised a beauty like you don't know what a kiss is. Haven't you ever been kissed?" he asked, and smiled shyly.

I smiled, loving the way he kept on describing me as being beautiful.

"Aren't you going to tell me?" I asked him eagerly.

"It would be better if I showed you," he said, and turned his head to look at the door, then returned his smiling eyes to me. He ran his fingers through his short, brown hair, and looked at me with his enchanting eyes.

"Can I show you?" he asked me, softly.

"Yes," I replied.

"Promise me you won't be scared," he said.

My heart started to beat fast, hearing him say that. What had I gotten myself into? I wasn't outside as yet, and I had got myself into trouble already. I wanted to tell him that I’d changed my mind, but I just couldn't do it. The words would not escape my mouth.

"Promise me," he said, as he moved his face close to mine.

I could feel his breath against my lips.

"Promise," I said shyly.

"Close your eyes," he instructed me.

I stared at him, wondering what mess I was getting myself up to.

"Come on, beautiful," he said, while his breath danced against my face.

I slowly closed my green eyes and waited nervously for what he was about to do.

Suddenly, I felt something soft touch my lips, slowly, caressing them. My lips trembled at his powerful touch. My entire body felt relaxed by the deep intense feeling his kiss gave me. It was the most wonderful feeling I'd ever felt. I hadn't felt so good in my entire life.

I slowly opened my eyes and there I saw the Alpha's nephew removing his soft lips from mine. He ran his tongue over his lips, enjoying the taste of my lips. I touched my lips. I’d enjoyed him caressing them.

"That is a kiss," he said, smiling and staring shyly into my eyes.

I continued to touch my lips, now knowing what a kiss was. Still, I was curious to know why werewolves kissed.

"Why did you do that?" I asked him.

"I wanted you to know what a kiss is," he said.

That wasn't the answer I was hoping for. I wanted to know the purpose of the kiss.

I looked sideways, staring curiously at the wall.

"That wasn't the answer you were seeking?" he asked me.

I turned my attention to him right away. It was as if he could read my mind.

"We werewolves kiss when we are in love, to greet each other, to say goodbye, and during intercourse," he explained.

"Intercourse," I repeated.

"Fuck. I'm sorry," he apologized. "Make love."

I looked at him, puzzled.

"You wouldn't know what that means, as well," he said.

I nodded.

"Don't worry. One day you'll fall in love with someone, and then you'll find out what it is," he told me.

"Is it just like a kiss?" I asked him.

"No," he said. "It is way different, and the feeling it gives you will cause you to cry out, feeling a great pleasure between your thighs."

I stared at him, curious about what to expect of the outer world. Suddenly, the door opened.

I quickly moved away from Josh.

Phyllis was astonished to see I was not alone.

"What is happening, here?" she asked me.

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