Chapter Five: The alpha's home

I dug my hand into the ground, grabbing a handful of dead leaves and twisted and turned my head.

"Hah!" I screamed, my voice strange to my ears. It was as if I could not control the sounds that were escaping my mouth.

"Josh!" I screamed his name, not knowing what else to do as he sucked between my legs. I felt a strong feeling between my vagina and lower belly as if my entire body was going to explode.

I removed my hand from the ground and grabbed him by his hair, lifting his head from between my legs.  He pushed me back to the ground and started sucking on me again. My entire body stiffened, while he squeezed one of my breasts and played with it.

I couldn't handle such a strong feeling. It was too much. I pushed myself backward, removing his mouth from me. I sprang to my feet and ran toward a tree. My entire body shook while I held on to the tree.

Josh got up from the ground, wiping the wetness from his mouth.

I pushed myself bac

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Jo Jo Wakelin
love this story so far ..
goodnovel comment avatar
This reads like a very young child is writing it, not to mention the smelling and grammar errors. Honey this story has SO MUCH potential, just proof read (or have someone proof read it for you) before final posting.
goodnovel comment avatar
I want to continue but there a there Are a lot of mistakes .....

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