Chapter Nine: You don't deserve a name

I took small steps behind her, not wanting to walk into her as I followed her.

"It's a very large house, but right now I first want to show you your room before I'm asked to run off to do something," she said.

Her footsteps echoed on the floor of the house. While she continued to talk, tears filled my eyes when I remembered the way the Alpha had talked to me, as if I was nothing.

"Here's your room," Francine said, stopping at a door on the left side of the hall.

I quickly wiped away my tears and followed her into the room.

The room was very neat. It only had a small bed, covered in a light pink sheet.

"The door next to the bed is your bathroom," she said, pointing to it. "Well, that's it," she said, and turned to face me. "Since we will be working together, what is your name?"

I was beginning to get annoyed by everyone wanting to know my name. I was tired of trying to hide the reason why I didn't have a name, so I gave her the

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Yazmine Reynoso Martinez {Violet Flame of love }
come on this girl at least must look like her mom on something just because of her rures and hair people can't hate her that she got that from her dad maybe she looks like her mom, I mean throw the girl s bone something to hold onto.

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