Chapter Thirty-Seven: The land of alpha Logan

Was the Alpha standing before me Ares's father as well? I was shocked at the thought. No, no, it could not be. Perhaps his father was a different Alpha, not the heartless wolf standing before me.

The more I wanted Ares and I to have different fathers, the more I noticed how similar the Alpha's features were to Ares's and mine. I was convinced that Ares was my brother and not my mate. I clenched my teeth, trying to wipe away the horrible thought, not wanting it to be true. Ares could never be related to a monster like him.

"You are safe, now," Alpha Logan said. He was clueless that I was his daughter or of the wrong he had done in the past.

I did not move, not caring that he could see my nakedness. I continued to stare at him. Anger had started to bubble up inside me, building within like an endless tower as I thought about the horrible and painful life he had made me endure because he could not control his penis.

"Come," he said, and stretched out his

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Abigail Wade
Man U need to post more often .. you killing us
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something is missing here.šŸ¤”šŸ§šŸ˜£
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logan said"well, she is not mine" I don't think he would deny his own I think aphrodite was place there to start problems from the looks of it Logan wouldn't cheat on his luna possible Ares is special he needed a unique mate to accept him so aphrodite was created for him wolves would know sibling

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