Chapter Forty-Three: Finding out the truth

My father and my brother quickly moved from the porch as they saw me. My hands shook nervously as I held on to Christian's furry large beast. Soon, he stopped at the front of my father's large home. I remained seated on the back of his dark, hairy beast, holding on to a large patch of his dark fur, watching nervously as my father and my brother approached me. Gently, Christian lowered his back. My legs shook, as I carefully removed myself from his dark beast and froze beside him on seeing my father and my brother.

Ares gently pulled me into his arms the moment he got close to me. I cried. I'd missed him so much, especially since I'd found out that he was my twin, and not my mate. He gently removed me from his hard, warm body and cupped my face, and stared sadly into my eyes.

"I'm sorry for ever thinking we were mates," he apologized, while tears filled his eyes.

"It's not your fault. I too felt the same way," I told him and touched his warm hands resting agai

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Comments (6)
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Leslie Harper
Still confused on how Christian is older if het mom was Pharaoh's mate? Unless Christian was illegitimate?
goodnovel comment avatar
LaReine Bell
ok was login the story but this just sucks now. ares mate sold his sister and its fishy that she has a name but he thought she was dead. seems like they want to punish christian for his father and take over that pack
goodnovel comment avatar
Kaitlynn Boyle
The thing is that if she rejects him then the bond will be broken and they won't be able to recover that connection if she rejects him outright. Just because they're mates does not mean that they would just have sex immediately. From Christian's character I don't believe he'd do that to her.

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