Chapter Forty-Five: Preparing to reject my mate.

"What!" Ares exclaimed. He couldn't hide the shock in his voice. He left the table and started to pace.

"Cindy is my mate?" he asked, his tone one of disbelief.

"Yes," I said, looking him in the eye. "She sold me to get rid of me, because she was jealous of the strange connection we both shared."

"How do you know she is my mate?" Ares asked.

"Because she told me," I said. "Also, Francine had to give her a weird green liquid to calm her down when you were passing by the secret cottage."

Ares ran from the dining room. I tried to chase after him, but my father stopped me.

"It's good you told us about this before he marked her. The pack doesn't want a Luna like that," my father said.

"I'm sorry this had to happen to him. If only we didn't share such a strange feeling when we met, his mate wouldn't have done what she did," I cried, and went to hug my father.

"None of this is your fault; the great connection that you and your

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Amanda Hanks
I really wanted to like this book but I can't. Aria was raised ignorant and no one explained wolf life to her. left her in the dark to be abused and manipulated. Then when her father finds her he keeps her from her destiny. No. Ridiculous. This book really felt poorly written.
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Sharron Hoffman
I really wanted to like this story when it started but this is probably the worst one yet. I sounded like it was being written by a child and the ending was horrible
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Sharni Mizzy
also where is book 2? I see one that says book 3 but no book 2?!
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