Chapter 6

I tried struggling with him, but his grip on me was strong.

I guess the driver was already driving.

He started tracing his hands over my exposed laps. I was terrified by the shock that went through my body.

I have never felt this way.

I didn't realize I started kissing him back, his tongue slided into mine.

My mind started bringing in different suggestions," back off Ammy",

"No, you want this" ,another said.

A part of me wanted him badly and my other part was telling me to back off.

Actually it's right, I was angry with him  moments ago.

I broke the kiss and looked at him with weird eyes as I tried to cover my embarrassment by looking out of the window.


She was damn beautiful and I couldn't help get her off my mind.

I got into the car and saw her looking outside trying not to look at me.

I really wanted her badly and here she was sitting as if I didn't existed.

I pulled her by her wrist and she was really close to me.

All I knew was I kissed her, I didn't know the exact reason but I wanted more from her ,all of her.

I was happy she started kissing me back and damnit!! She is really good.

Minutes later she withdrew from me.

I didn't know why, but I could see the shock written all over her face as she looked away.

I wanted to know what was going on in her mind, I did want her close to me, Only me. I never for once thought I will be smitten so hard by someone. I really do like her, no I mean love but I don't want to disclose that to her over now.

Just that she will be mine and mine forever, I thought within me.


I was still battling within me as I tried to recall what just happened between I and Drake.

I kissed him back and i didn't know if I liked that or not .

I tried to get the thought out of me , cause minutes later we will be in a meeting.

We got to the avenue and was shocked to see a lot of press outside. 

I was wondering is this not supposed to be a meeting or what.

" Let's go", Drake said, smirking.

I rolled my eyes at him. The driver had already opened the door for me, as I got out of the car, I was almost blinded by lights flashing out of the camera.

I looked behind me, Drake was already by my side already.

I tried my best to compose myself as I took a step and started walking.

"Are you the new assistant for Drake Triston", a reporter asked.

"Is there any relationship going on between you two", another asked.

"Are you a lesbian, because you never showed affection towards the opposite sex", asked a reporter.

I was so shocked to move when i heard the last question.

I decided not to answer any questions but on hearing this I had to clarify myself.

I was about to open my mouth to say something, when Drake talked.

"She is my new assistant, and there's no relationship going on between us for now", he paused and looked at me.

"And for the lesbian part", he said , smirking.

"She is not and if you don't mind we would like our privacy",he said , finally and drew me by wrist as we walked faster into the building.

I was glad there's was no more paparazzi when we got in.

"Thanks for helping me out", I said trying to avoid contact with him.

He just nodded and walked in.

When we got to the inner building I was astonished to see how decorated the hall is.

"I- I  thought this was a meeting", I stammered.

"Kind of", he said.

We were directed to our sit. Just then a lady  I think who is already her 50s came over to us.

"Oh! Drake, how have you been sweetie?",she said as she pulled him in for a hug.

" Am fine mum", he said, smiling at her.

What the!! I thought within myself, he didn't tell me his parents are coming over.

"My! My!!, Who is this lovely princess sitting down here", she said as she smiled at me.

" My assistant", he said casually.


"Is that all",his mum said rolling her eyes at him.

" My dear, I am Mrs. Caroline Triston but call me Cara" , she said sweetly.

"And you are", she asked.

"Amanda Jackson", I said.

"Oh! Amanda what a nice name for a beautiful lady", she said almost squealing.

Just as I was about to reply her compliment, she gasped looking towards her side.

"Here  comes your father", she stood up and gave him a quick hug, as they both giggled at each other.

Drake and his father resemblance  struck me so much.They really looked like each other, just that his father was already having some old features.

"You must be the new assistant, Drake talked about", he said gesturing his hands over to mine for a shake.

" Yes sir",  I said bemusedly as I looked over to Drake.

Did he tell his parents about me, I thought.

And he just sat there as if nothing is happening.

"Am Joshua Triston, it's a pleasure meeting you",he said politely.

" It's nice to meet you sir", I replied.

Then the programme started.

The announcer went on stage and thanked all the guests for attending.

The purpose of the meeting was to congratulate Drake on taking charge of his father's company.

Drake was called out and he gave his speech, I couldn't help but stare at him.

He was so handsome.

Gosh!! What's wrong with me. Here I am, sitting and thinking about how handsome my boss is. Something isn't right here.

He couldn't even tell me the purpose of the meeting, I made sure I was going to make that clear to him tonight.

Drake finished his speech and got back to his seat, I pretended to be serious with my phone so as not to look at him.

Everyone came to congratulate him and the men stared at me.

I was thankful when he finished introducing me to everyone.

We all went back to our seat and were served meal. I ate silently until I felt Drake hands on my exposed thigh.

I threw a dagger look at him but instead he smirked.

" Let's dance", he stood up and lifted me up before I could protest.

We got to dancing floor and I knew all eyes were on us.

"I- I  don't know how to dance", I stammered.

He looked at me and smiled.

"Don't worry", he whispered in my ears, which made me had butterflies in my stomach.

I nodded and rested my head on his chest as I swayed along with the music.

"Time to change your partners", the announcer said.

"What!!", I looked up at Drake, feeling nervous.

" Time to change",he smirked as he passed me on to the next person.

I looked up at the person I was passed onto and I was terrified.

"No it can't be", I said with shock.

"Thought I will never see you again", he said with a wicked grin.

Tears started falling down my cheeks as I left the dancing floor and ran towards the exit door.

"Oh! No this can't be happening now, not now". I said to myself.

I have been running away from him for a long time. I didn't want my past to catch up with me but it seems like that now.

Whoa! Whoa!! Whoa!!! ūüė≤ūüė≤

Who is Amanda running from?

Could this be the reason she is damn cold.

Let's found out in the next  chapter.

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