The Fall of a Guardian
The Fall of a Guardian
Author: Cathycastilloo


My eyes widened because of awe and disbelief.

"H-how? W-why are you... what was that?"

I don't know if what's the exact statement to asked. My brain is not working well because of the unexpected oddity.

"I was fallen in two ways. The first one is literally and the second one is with a human that I shouldn't fall in love with," he conceded which made me look very surprised.

"W-what?" I have lots of questions on my head and curiosity filled my whole system but that was the only word that I manage to utter.

"I have broken the rules," he retorted that slightly parted my mouth.

What the hell—

"W-why? Why did you do it?" I asked with my eyes filled with questions.

His dull lackluster eyes suddenly showed tons of emotions for the first time. "Because I want to be with you." I felt my heart was clenched by a fist at his confession.

He wants to be with me?

I didn't know if what would I feel right now. I don't know if I would be happy or what. I don't know what to do. I am definitely surprised.

After a moment of silence, I stepped closer to him as I gazed at his bare back. I felt my heart break into pieces as my tears swiftly fall from my eyes. I traced the scar with my shaky fingers.

It was a scar indicative of wings that must have hurt when it was ripped.

How could he manage to break the rules just for a human— like me?

"You shouldn't have broken the rules." I said as my voice broke. "Look at you, look what happened to your back. Why are you not thinking? What if this is not the only thing that happened to you? What if it's more worst than a ripped wings?!" I trailed off with too much concern, sympathy and worries that can be felt on my voice.

But instead of answering back, he immediately faced me as he caught my hands and pulled me into a tight embrace while he buried his face on my neck.

I bit my lower lip as I felt my heart begin to beat crazily which it felt like it was about to burst out from my chest.

"I'm sorry— but I already did," he said which made me closed my eyes and caress his back as I placed my head on his chest.

I could feel his heartbeat. It is beating so fast like mine.

"I can't believe that the reason of the fall of a guardian like you is because of a forbidden love with a human like me." I said which made him tightened his hug from me.

"I don't mind, Francine. If losing my wings means, being with you. I don't mind at all."

"But because of me, now you're fallen!"

"Haven't I fallen hard enough?"

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