Chapter 11

Two weeks had passed and Shane still couldn’t get away from Stephanie’s grasp. He was forced to stay under the same roof with her by the company’s arrangement. The situation was getting out of hand each passing day. Shane kept his lips sealed while ‘acting’ as Stephanie’s lover. After all, the DNA test result said he wasn’t her baby’s father. He wanted to tell that in her face, so he could break free and chase after his wife, but the singer had always something up in her sleeve. She would threaten him to kill herself once he left her which he shouldn’t really care about as he knew she wouldn’t do such a thing. However, he noticed how stressed she was recently, and knowing that he’s the only one she could rely on, Shane quietly clenched his jaws and played along. He asked someone to find out the man who impregnated Stephanie but with so many men involved with her, even his detective had trouble to confirm it.

Lucy, on the other hand, convinced the company to save Sha

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