Chapter 20

The doctor was surprised by Audrey’s question. His expression changed when he realized he might have said something wrong. He decided to ask upfront to confirm what he had in mind and avoid any further misunderstanding. “Isn’t the man who came with you here your husband” The doctor smiled slightly while waiting for Audrey’s reply.

Sighing, Audrey faked a smile and shook her head. “Not him,” she mumbled. “We’re just acquaintances so I hope you don’t misunderstand anything. I’d feel bad if he’s burdened about it too,” Audrey added.

“Yes,” the doctor responded. “I got it. I apologize for my mistake,” he said and started checking his chart. “I shouldn’t have assumed things,” he added after raising his head to look at Audrey’s eyes.

“That’s okay. The misunderstanding has been cleared now,” Audrey said and smiled. “So, can you please tell me more about my current condition?” She changed the subject, going back to their previous topic about the baby. “I’d love to see my son as soon as poss
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Finally an update! Let’s hope the remaining chapters don’t take another several months to complete.
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Crystal Paprock
No updates :(

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