Chapter 23

A gentle baby laugh filled the room, bringing joy to everyone who quietly cheered as the newly born continued to make pleasant sounds in his mother’s arms.

“Hija, let me hold Asher too. You’ve been holding him in your arms for a while now. Maybe it’s time for me to hold him as well,” Mrs. Vargas told her daughter-in-law who was head over heels for her baby. “Have you eaten yet? Breakfast must be ready. I know how you feel but you wouldn’t be so stingy not to let me hold my grandson, would you?”

Audrey laughed. “Mom, it’s not like that,” she said. In fact, Audrey didn’t feel like letting go of the baby. Even her arms felt numb and her back arched, she just couldn’t put the baby down to rest even a little. “Alright. Here’s baby Asher. I will need to eat something before you’d start nagging at me again. He’s so full of energy so you might want to put him down if you get tired.” Audrey carefully let her mother-in-law carry her grandson in her arms. “I’ll go wash my face for a sec,” she sa
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Stephanie Hyde
when did she write that? its been more that 2 months. i read it and still no updates
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Stephanie Hyde
Dear Author, please make an attempt to finish this book. You left us on a clift hanger, and it's been way too long with no updates.
goodnovel comment avatar
Maz Ahmed
I think the author said she was suffering from depression. so she may never update.

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