Dad, Mom Can You Tell Me What is Happinness?
Dad, Mom Can You Tell Me What is Happinness?
Author: Aprilian


Don't blame me if I struggle, don't blame me if I'm like a living corpse, don't blame me if I live but die because it's all not my fault.

BUT ... this is all your fault. Who had the heart to ever throw me out? Who always have the heart to hurt me. Which heartlessly made a wound in my heart. So that it can never be cured.

If one day you regret it. It is useless. You guys are too late. Because I've felt enough pain. I can no longer feel the pain that you give.

You are the cruelest parents I have ever known. Parents who have the heart to throw away their own children. Parents who have the heart to slap their children without wanting to hear an explanation. Parents who just pretend to know everything. But in reality, you don't know anything.

Parents who always go their way. Parents who never think about their child's feelings. What kind of parents are you?

I always ask everyone who makes me comfortable, What is Happy ?. why God never gave me happiness. Why God is never fair to me.

I'm jealous to see other children who are always loved. I envy seeing other children who are always cared for. I want, I want to feel it. Feel what other children think. Feel compassion, feel how cared for it.

I don't need your money, I just want a little love from you. I just wish it, nothing more.

Sob... sob ... sob ...

Father, mother, what is Happinness ???

This is my story, a story that you can't possibly understand, a story that really makes my chest tight every time I remember it. A tale that inhabits me because I want to forget it. the story that made my day dark

Which makes life ruined. Which makes my spirit disappear. Which makes me lose everything that I care about. Friends, bestfriends, relatives, all of them left me. And also came many nightmares in my life. This is all because my parents are very, very selfish.


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