Tiara Story

Where are mom and dad? Tiara is afraid here; Tiara is worried to be alone. Here the Tiara is not considered; the Tiara is cursed. Tiara was afraid; Tiara wanted to follow father and mother.

Why? Why did you guys leave the Tiara? Why do you have the heart with a tiara? Is it because of the naughty Tiara? Is it because of the stupid Tiara? If that's the case. Tiara will be a good boy. Tiara will be the champion of the class. So that Tiara can see you again.

Tiara loves you. Tiara promises, Tiara will go to school from tomorrow. so that, Tiara can quickly meet you. So that the Tiara is not lonely anymore. So that Tiara would not hear the curses from her grandmother and aunt again. Tiara is scared here; Tiara here is always getting angry. Still getting beaten up by the same aunt and grandmother.

All Tiara toys are broken by grandma. Grandma Tiara said that I didn't deserve to live. Said the grandmother, the Tiara was stupid. Tiara is afraid; Tiara is scared, mommy. Tiara wanted to come with you, but where are you? Tiara can't see you. Where exactly are you going?


The next day Tiara insisted on going to school. Because according to her, if she goes to school and gets good grades, she will meet her parents. But even though she did, she still couldn't meet her parents. Even though she has become a good, smart, and obedient boy. But her parents still didn't want to see him.

"Sob... Sob... you guys are mean, when are you coming home? Tiara is already a good girl. Tiara is also a class champion, but why isn't she home yet? Tiara misses, Tiara wants to meet you. Didn't you miss the tiara? Do you hate Tiara?

"Daddy, Tiara missed you. Tiara wanted to be hugged by dad. Did you not like Tiara that daddy left Tiara. When did you come here? When are we together again? Tiara is afraid Daddy, Tiara, is afraid. Here tiara is alone. Tiara has no friends."

Mutiara Azalea, she is only 7 years old. But she was abandoned by her parents. Her parents no longer care about her. They are more concerned with their work than their children.

Tiara, once she was called, she always felt lonely. Because her parents never visited her. She is very, very lonely because she also does not know the purpose of her parents leaving.

For a child as small as Tiara, it is a very, very heavy ordeal at 7 years old. She must feel loneliness, pressure, and fear. She shouldn't have thought of such things because, at such a young age, she should be having fun instead of feeling scared like that.

But her destiny is different. She has to live independently at that very young age. Because if she is not independent, she also might not be able to go to school at this time. Her parents and grandmother, and aunt are now very mean to her.

But she is still lucky because she still has another aunt who is very nice to her. Even though her aunt's house was very far away, Tiara always stayed there when Sunday arrived. There she could feel the real warmth of the family. Even though her aunt has two children, she is also very concerned about the tiara.

Actually, if fate allowed her to really want to live with that good aunt, she also realized that her aunt also had a heavy burden to raise her two children. So the tiara has to bury that desire deep.

Even though she wanted to live with her aunt, she also didn't want to bother her. Because she realized that that person's kindness should not be used. However, good their people they have limits. When we hurt her accidentally, she will definitely go from good to evil.

Tiara might be a strong girl. But behind her, tough and strong, she keeps her own sadness. Because she has no friends to share. She has no friends to lean on. She is alone because her grandmother and aunt, who should be a place to share and lean on, instead become antagonists in her destiny.

In a destiny that made her always feel miserable. Who still feel sadness and loneliness. They should be her encouragement. Turned into a person who wanted so badly to knock her down.

The person who had to be by her side was the leading cause of her sorrow. I don't know where the parents of Tiara went. Parents who have the heart to leave their children don't even understand how harsh and cruel the world is.

But she had to face it alone without anyone accompanying him. Without anyone to lean on. Maybe she can be called a hypocrite, yes she is a hypocrite. Trying to face the world alone even though she knows nothing about the world.

About what will be faced in the future. What was in front of her eyes? Didn't she know what else was out there? In a world, she had never seen. A world she doesn't know what kind of, but she tried to confront himself with his pretense.

That pretense was the leading cause of her crying. The main cause of the injuries she received. But she didn't think that she was only thinking about how she could meet her parents. Parents who could have the heart to leave her alone in this strange world.

But only with that pretense can she survive. Because if she shows a weak nature, who knows what will happen to her. Maybe she will always be scorned and scolded with words that are inappropriate for a 7-year-old like Tiara.

Her cries always accompany her when she is alone. Her voice was heartbreaking. Makes anyone who hears like them feel the pain she feels. It hurts, stings, and stings as if someone else could feel it.

The tears she shed were symbolic of the pain Tiara was feeling. Who knows how long the tiara can bear it alone without any friends by its side. Tiara may be known as tough girls. But they don't know how deep the wounds a child such as a tiara can suffer.

At only 7 years old, She can now do some homework. Which she should still be able to play. But if she plays, maybe she won't be able to live until then.

Because if she doesn't help her aunt and grandmother. She would be beaten, and she would hear insults from her aunt. In fact, she was exhausted. But she had to cover up his fatigue. So that she would not attend the insults that hurt her heart. Because their humiliation always looked down on his parents.

Even though her parents are not there now. She always felt hurt when someone badmouthed her parents. Because for her, her parents are still the greatest, although she wasn't sure if she would think of them like that forever.

Because if the parents of the tiara never came back. Maybe the trust of the tiara will be erased little by little. Because after all, she is human. Who has a limit of patience? If her patience is at the threshold, anything can happen.

Unfortunately, she can become hateful. I believe she can disappear. The suppositions of the greatest parents can be erased. Even proud and awaited parents can be forgotten.

The world is harsh if people waste something valuable. Maybe something will change. We will never know what the future holds. All we know is the past and the present.

The past is used as a lesson, not just as a meaningless story. Use the present time as well as possible, so you don't feel sorry in the future. And in the future, we have to wait and prepare for everything we need from now on.

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