Childhood Memories

The first day Tiara entered elementary school she had not made any friends. Then she met a boy the same age as her. But he was afraid to make acquaintances, the boy suddenly approached her. Tiara was a little scared, but she was trying to act normal. She thought maybe she could get along well with the boy.

"Hi, what is your name?"

"My name is Tiara, what's your name?"

"I'm Alexander, just call me Alex"

"Um, Alex, have you been studying here for a long time?"

"Yes, it's okay. Come on in, don't be afraid"

Alex pulls Tiara into her new class. Tiara, who is just entering school for the first time, feels a little scared. But when he was in the classroom there was a teacher who was very kind to him, making Tiara like the school. At school Tiara made many new friends and was also able to have a very good teacher to her.

Tiara is very comfortable in her new school she feels more alive there than she is in her grandmother's house which is like hell. At school she always played with Alex, Alex was very nice to her. In fact, he always looked after Tiara when Tiara was ignored by other children.

Alex has been Tiara's best friend ever since, where they are always together. But their togetherness occurs more often at school. Because if at home Tiara is always on the bridle not to leave the house. Tiara just surrendered to the rules of her aunt and grandmother.

Even though in her heart she hopes her grandmother and aunt will be kind enough to allow Tiara to play. She was eager to meet Alex playing together, at this time her only hope was her grandfather. Only her grandfather would always defend her when she got angry.


It doesn't feel like Tiara has been in school for one year. happy and sad she always passed with Alex. It was Alex who always accompanied Tiara, when she was sad because she remembered her parents. Or when she passes birthdays without her parents and also Mother's Day without a mother by her side.

Like this time, Tiara remembered her parents again. Alex is beside Tiara and calms Tiara down. He hugged Tiara affectionately, comforting Tiara. Those who saw them were touched by their strong friendship.

In between cries asking Alex, she was afraid that Alex would leave her like her parents. She was afraid of losing Alex because it was Alex who was her current support. Alex is a consolation, when she is sad, and Alex is her best friend, so he doesn't want to lose Alex like she lost her parents.


"Yes, why Tiara?"

"Alex want to promise with Tiara?"

"What promise do you want Tiara?"

"Alex promises that Alex will not leave Tiara like Tiara's parents. Alex will always be with Tiara."

"Yes, Alex promises, Alex will always be beside Tiara, and Alex will always look after Tiara"

The two children then linked their little fingers. Everyone around them cried with tears at their friendship. Children as young as they can make promises, which even adults cannot.

Maybe their promises were just nonsense to adults. But who knows that the two young children have carved their best friend's name on their own hearts, And the promise they made was a promise they would keep until they grown up.

Since they have gotten closer, where there is Tiara, there is Alex and vice versa. For six consecutive years Tiara and Alex were in the same class. And Alex has always been Tiara's classmate, and all this time Alex has always looked after Tiara.

Until one day, after their graduation day.

"Tiara" called Alex.

"Yes, Alex, why?"

"Um, Alex wants to say something to Tiara, but Tiara has to promise if Alex says that Tiara can't cry, can you promise? :)"

"Yes, Tiara promise, Tiara will not cry" Tiara replied.

Tiara was sure that Alex would have said something that made Tiara sad. But because Tiara had promised Alex that she would not cry. Even though in fact her eyes were already glassy, ​​and her tears were about to spill.

"Tiara forgives Alex, Alex has not been able to keep Alex's promise with Tiara. Alex has not been a good friend to Tiara. Alex has to go, Alex's father has been transferred to another city, so Alex has to come with them. But remember one thing. Tiara, maybe now Alex is leaving Tiara. But someday Alex will come back again to meet Tiara. And when that time comes, Alex will never leave Tiara again, "Alex explained at length.

Tiara couldn't hold back her tears anymore. Even though she tried to endure it as hard as she could, the tears came out by themselves. Tiara felt tightness in her chest. What I was afraid of happened too. Alex's only friend had to leave her. But what power could he not possibly hold Alex to remain by his side.

Because she doesn't want Alex to feel what she feels. She didn't want Alex to feel the pain of being alive without his parents, so all she can do is cry.

Crying because of her heartbreaking fate. Why is fate so cruel to Tiara? Isn't that enough of the burden that Tiara has endured so far? And why did fate have the heart to take Tiara's only support?

"I am sorry Alex, Tiara also can't keep Tiara's promise. The proof is Tiara is now crying like this. Tiara is okay if Alex has to go. Tiara is willing as long as Alex promises, Alex will never forget Tiara. Tiara also promises never to forget Alex. Because it has its own place in Tiara's heart, "Tiara said with tears that couldn't stop flowing from her beautiful eyes.

"Shutt ... Tiara can't cry like this Alex doesn't have the heart to cut Tiara if it's like this. Alex promises that Alex will never forget Tiara. Because Tiara also has its own place in Alex's heart, so Tiara can't, Alex. forget it "said Alex with a sincere smile.

Tiara, who heard Alex's statement, immediately hugged Alex tightly. She wasn't sure she'd ever see Alex again. Alex is Tiara's best friend. Friends who are always there when it's bad or happy. A friend who always becomes Tiara's support and support.

Tiara is not sure that she can fight destiny alone without Alex at her side. Without a friend to accompany her like now. From now on Tiara must learn, learn to pass through destiny without Alex by her side. She had to stand up on her own now, because fate had taken her back forcibly.

She could not possibly blame her life's destiny all she could do now was to live this painful destiny. Going through it is like water flowing from top to bottom, also like a wheel that is always turning.

Sometimes she feels happy, sometimes she has to feel grief. But now is the time for her to feel sorrow again. Grief because she had to lose her only friend now. But she believes that fate will also bring her back with Alex.

"Tiara remembers Alex's words, Alex went to come back. There's no need to be afraid if Alex leaves. Because someday Alex will definitely come back with Tiara. And become Tiara's back and support again like now," said Alex with teary eyes.

"Tiara promises, tiara will always remember what Alex said. Tiara will also always wait for Alex's arrival"

The two of them hugged each other to remember each other's scent. And remember the memories of their togetherness. As well as absorbing their tears that continue to flow without stopping.

The trees and grass around them bore silent witness to their separation. The separation of two friends, maybe their bodies are separated but their hearts are still together. Their hearts remain connected because of the power of friendship. Protection Status