Chapter 92

5 years later.

At the central castle, everyone was so busy preparing for the 5th birthday celebration of the half fox triplets, namely Alexia, Ariya, and Azel.

“Alexia, come on!” Ariya called from outside Alexia’s room for the fifth time already. Alexia groaned and wore her storage necklace, where she put her gifts for her brother and sister. She stepped out of her room with an annoyed expression. Without warning, Ariya grabbed her wrist and dragged her swiftly.

“What’s the rush about?!” Alexia uttered, annoyed by being dragged, but Ariya ignored her.

“Did you forget our father will come home today?” Ariya said with excitement.

“I know,” Alexia sighed. She was also excited seeing their father after a year of traveling around the magic realm, still looking for their missing mother. Her memories of Alice from 5 years ago were still fresh in her mind. She wished they co

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Yes!! More please…I too am emotional
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Janqueeda Wallace
Oh my! We need another chapter, you have me so emotional right now. This is a great book, keep up the good work!

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