Chapter 13

The wind blows angrily in every direction. The trees swung, and the leaves were falling everywhere. Then, I saw something pouring from the sky. Snow. I stop and look up at the sky. This is the first time that Layla is not with me at the first snowfall of the year. We always enjoy watching and playing together in the snow. But I am too far away from Layla right now. I still can't believe that I teleported myself in the forest not far away from the Shepherds' pack where Azrael felt pain and almost died because of me. But I still despise him, though.

When he said he wanted to come with me, I was hesitant. Instead, I asked him if we could go back to his packhouse. And now we were walking towards his territory while I was asking him questions.

Azrael told me everything about what happened to all the Blueming packs. I couldn't help but feel sad. The vampires who we

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goodnovel comment avatar
good story but coust to may coins to keep reading u gotta be rich to read these books
goodnovel comment avatar
Okay I get why a person said stop with the “Deadpan” thing but in all honesty it is pretty over kill js
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
Whatcha she gonna do now?

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