Chapter 16

[Alexandria’s POV]

My heart was heavy as I entered Sabrina's mansion. All the maids greeted me and I just nodded. I am not in the mood right now. I am thinking about Azrael. His sad look keeps flashing in my head. He's all I could think of at this moment.

"Alex!!" Layla happily ran towards me and engulfed me in a hug. "Thank god, you're okay!" I smile faintly.

She frowned when she looked at me. "What happened?" Layla knows right away if something was wrong with me.

"Azrael..." I whispered sadly. She looks surprised when I mention the name.

"Tell me, wh

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Comments (8)
goodnovel comment avatar
I feel really bad for Alex…She is afraid and I don’t blame her. I want her to find happiness with her mate, but I know this is going to be easier said than done
goodnovel comment avatar
I didn’t see it before…But I think Layla is in Love with Alex
goodnovel comment avatar
Ace Kitty
Isnt a alpha allowed to reject someone without them having to accept it?Cause i thought only from the beta down needed there rejection to b accepted in order for it to work.Cause they r both alphas which means they didnt have to accepted it just as long as they said they rejected them.

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