Chapter 61 - Running away

Gregory and some of his wolves were moving around arranging stones and boxes while Regina was boiling something nasty in a cauldron, like a typical witch. Fire torches had been lit around, giving an orange glow to everything. Providing me with a good view of the number of wolves stationed around the cave. There were 10 Betas and warriors around us. I was sure there would be more in the forest. I couldn't fight through so many wolves. I would have to make a run somehow.

"Are you going to sacrifice me or something?" I asked casually.

"You are too expensive to be sacrificed, sweetheart," Gregory smirked.

"She would not be harmed, right? She can still give me pups, isn't it?" He asked Regina.

I wanted to gag and rip his throat off.

"No, I just need her blood for now," Regina said.

I wrinkled my nose, these people were crazy.

"Give me the girl," Savannah asked me.

I clutched Clara tighter.

"No, I don't trust you," I said

"You don't have any option Alice, if
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this is a great book. I always wish for more.
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Patrice Johnson
Well Damn , ok bye Savanah ūüĎč
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When is the next update? ūüôä

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