The Lovable Daughter
The Lovable Daughter
Author: Peyton Iuga

Meet the Characters

Name: Amelia Maria Black Lockwood (Mel)

Age: 27

Job: CEO of Lockwood Event Planing (event planner)

Physical description: long wavy brown hair, oval shaped face, curvy figure, pointed nose, full pink lips, almond shape emerald green eyes, 5’7 ft tall. 

Personality description: Confident, careful, dedicated, adventurous, friendly, funny, ambitious 

Raphael Lockwood (father)
Olivia Black Lockwood (mother)
Michael Lockwood (28) (older half brother)
Gabriel Lockwood(30) older Half brother)
Camila Lockwood (grandmother)
Alice / Bruce Black (grandmother and grandfather)
Anna Lockwood (auntie)
Gregory and Joseph Black (uncles) 

Isabella Smith (24) (BFF since birth) Nathaniel Harrison (26) (best friend and boyfriend)

Name: Ethan Wood

Age: 30

Job: Personal security (Bodyguard) used to be Special forces in the military 

Physical description: short dark blonde hair, narrow hazel eyes, straight nose, chiselled shaved face, full lips. 6’4 ft tall, athletic body. 

Personality description: domineering, impatient, possessive, charming, straightforward, resourceful, self-disciplined, intuitive, adaptable, determined 

James Wood (father)
Diana Wood (mother dead)
Arya Wood (younger sister) 

Daniel Williams (best friend)
John Davies (best friend) 

This story will only be updated in February.

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Comments (2)
goodnovel comment avatar
Maya Grey
why do we need to know that? that's not a Play!
goodnovel comment avatar
Swan Marie
I feel like Michael is not that much older than Amelia. Her mom was pregnant with her when he was born so he would as most be 7 or 8 months older than her not two years and who is Gabriel. I didn’t know Raphael had another son

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