Ethan wood

Ethan POV

Hi, my name is Ethan Wood. I used to be special forces in the British army. 

I was born in a small town called Swanage in Dorset. 

I had just turned seventeen when my father remarried and had my baby sister Arya. She is everything to me. And now she is a bloody teenager at the age of thirteen. 

I’ve always been a trouble maker when I was a kid and it got worse when I went to secondary school and my mother died of cancer when I was fifteen. Shit hit the fan and I met the wrong people. At the time I thought that they were my best mates. Everything they did was cool and I wanted to be like them but I wasn’t like them and I kept getting into trouble. 

Smoking weed a couple of times, then it became a regular thing. Not going to school and sleeping around became my routine. 

I got sent to court twice for the destruction of property and petty theft. Got sent to a youth recovery centre and that’s where everything changed.

One time a major from the British army came around to talk to us about the Army and that’s when I decided that’s what I wanted to do.

I became the best of the best and ended up joining the SAS. 

We specialise in counter-terrorism, hostage rescue between other things. 

I had to leave the Army as I was struggling with PTSD. I know not a lot of people talk about it but fuck me it is a real thing.

I am now 30 and going for a job interview as personal security for some rich princess in New York. 

I made a name for myself as personal security. I created a small company with some of my lads from the army and here we are now. Making good money putting out life’s at risk to save others again. The only difference is that now we don’t do it for the country we do it for the money. 

Welcome to my story

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