Chapter 3 - Security check

Ethan POV

I am standing in front of a bookshelf looking at all the books the princess owns. Impressive. That’s when my phone vibrates on my pocket and I take the phone out. Jonny messaging me. Has he been looking through my camera footage again? 


“She is sexy as fuck mate”


“Fuck you” - I reply


“You should bang her” 


“She’s a job” - I reply taking a deep breath and putting my phone away.

Not long after Amelia appears in front of me wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Fuck me she looked good. Fuck I think she would look sexy with anything. 

“Ready?” - I ask

“Yes” - she replies looking back and I see the boyfriend appear and hugging her from behind.

“Stay safe” - he says

“I will, and you behave” - she replies 

“We’re gonna be late” - I interrupt the both of them while they kiss goodbye.

I am not paid to watch her kissing. 

The faster we get to London the better. 

It’s been a few years since I went back to London. 

We go down to the SUV waiting for us with my driver. I hire my staff to keep my jobs safe. I don’t trust anyone else besides my team. 

I open the door for Amelia and she slides in thanking me. I close the door and take my seat in the front next to the driver. 

I kept looking at Amelia through the mirror but always keeping my eyes opened to our surroundings. 

She was distracted looking out of the window. She looked beautiful with her simple makeup and her hair up on a ponytail. 

“Take a picture it will last longer” - she says meeting my eyes in the mirror. 

“You wish princess” - I reply looking again out of my window. 

She is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen but I know better than to fuck up this job. 

My reputation is on the line here and I can’t do it. 

We arrive at the airport and I look back to locking my eyes on her beautiful green eyes. 

“Wait here” - I tell her opening my door and getting out of the SUV.

I can hear her trying to open the door but tough luck it won’t open from the inside. 

I walk to the pilot and the cabin crew. 

“Hello sir” - the air hostess says 

“Good morning, everything ready?” - I ask while I shake their hands

“Yes sir” - the captain says and I nod my head.

“Mind if I have a look?” - I ask and they all nod their heads. 

I walk into the plane and start to do my security checks. When I finish checking everything I walk out and open the SUV door for the princess to come out.

“Don’t you ever lock me again” - she says throwing a punch on my shoulder. I have to admit that it hurt more than I was expecting it to. 

“Just doing my job” - I reply and she rolls her eyes at me.

Rolling her eyes can get her into trouble. I would love to put her on my knee and spank the sass out of her.

She walks past me and goes say hello to the pilot and cabin crew. 

She hugs the pilot and I tighten my hands into fists. Why does she fucking hug everyone? 

After the hellos, she walks into the plane and drops her hand luggage in the bedroom and walks back into the sitting area and takes a seat in a single chair with a table in front. She places her laptop on top and does her seat belt. 

I sit on the chair in front of her and open my own laptop. 

I have some paperwork I need to take care of, wages for the staff we hire and bills to pay. Fucking hate paperwork. 

I lift my head from the laptop when the air hostess approaches us. 

“Can I get you anything?” - she asks winking at me.

“Can I please have some sparkling water with ice and lemon? And a coffee, black please” - I reply and she smiles at me walking away.

“Hey, what about me?” - Amelia asks in frustration after the hostess leaves

“She’ll come back” - I reply enjoying far too much the attention I got from the girl. 

Not long after she comes back and places my drinks in front of me

“Can I get you anything else?” - she asks eyeing me up.

“No thanks” - I reply and that’s when I hear Amelia's laptop closing.

“Excuse me, I am the one paying your wages” - she says to the girl and she looks at Amelia with her face bright red.

“I am sorry Miss, what can I get you?” - she asks

“Coke, ice no lemon and a pack of chips” - she says. 

“Won’t be long” - the girl replies walking away.

I focus on my paperwork again and I didn’t even notice the things being brought to Amelia.

My attention is claimed by the pilot’s voice that is made heard by the speakers.

“Miss Lockwood and Mr Wood, we will be taking off momentarily, would you please pay attention to the safety demonstration and please turn off your laptops and close the table until the seat belt sign is turned off” 

I take a deep breath and do as the captain said. I grab both my drinks while the table is put away by the hostess that is wearing a really short skirt not leaving a lot to the imagination. 

When she leaves my eyes to follow her ass and that’s when I hear Amelia clearing her throat 

“Keep it in your pants” - she says and I lift one of my eyebrows.

“Jealousy doesn’t suit you” - I reply not even looking directly at her. 

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Sonia Aka Debs
............ oh my gosh this is going to be a steamy book and am gonna so enjoy!!! Oh yeah

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