Chapter 4 - Turbulence

Amelia POV

“Keep it in your pants” - I tell him and I see him lifting one of his eyebrows. 

I have a thing for guys that do that. And he is sexy as fuck. But hey. He is my bodyguard and I am engaged for crying out loud. Although I still have eyes and looking is not cheating.

“Jealousy doesn’t suit you” - He says without even looking at me. 

“Rude much?” - I let out and then roll my eyes realising I said it out loud. 

Ethan looks at me and his eyes go from my eyes to my lips and down my body. I can see he is attracted to me. And hell I am attracted to him. Physically only, because from the short period of time I’m spending with him I can see he is an arrogant prick like they say in the UK.

After the seat belt sign turns off we both get back to our laptops. I am doing a table plan. This is annoying. I didn’t know most of these people so I had to google them to make my life easier, see who to sit together and who to keep apart. 

From time to time I feel Ethan’s eyes on me but I ignore him. I can’t give him the power of knowing I am checking him out. 

All of a sudden I see him standing up and walking to the area where the hostess is. Well, he’s probably grabbing something to eat or drink. But would’ve been polite of him to ask if I needed anything. Especially because I need another drink. 

I shake my head and focus again on my laptop. My mind keeps travelling back to Ethan and why he isn’t back yet. 

No. Nooo. And then it hit me. The realisation of what he’s doing hits me like a train in my face. He’s messing up with the girl. 

Not on my watch. And not while he is getting paid. I get up and walk to the bathroom and for that, I have to pass through the hostess area. That’s when I see her sitting in his lap kissing his neck. 

I can see tattoos peeking out of his shirt. And her hands all over his chest that is now showing due to the undone shirt.

I clear my throat 

“I am not paying you to fuck my bodyguard” - I say to the girl and she jumps immediately from his lap and passes her hands through her hair getting it back into shape. 

Ethan’s face shows no emotion what so ever. He remains unfazed and that bothers me a little. I don’t like people that I can’t read. That was something I learned during training. Study the body language and you will know everything about the other person. Observe closely. But he didn’t let anything out. Emotionless.

“I. I am sorry to miss” - she says while putting her shirt inside her skirt and tidying herself. 

“And you” - I say looking at him.

“Yeah?” - he says while he stands up and towers over me doing the buttons of his shirt and tucking it inside his pants.

“Could you please leave my employees alone?” - I ask him.

“Whatever you want princess” - he says walking past me and winking at the girl. 

I let out a deep breath in frustration and I walk to the bedroom and close the door.

I start pacing around. Why does he bother me so much? Argh. I need to get a grip. I have a lovely fiancé that loves me and wants me. I never cheated before and I am not going to do it now. Especially because daddy would kill us both. 

I let out a soft laugh at the thought of daddy trying to kill Ethan. 

Ethan is pure muscle. He is big and buffed. Daddy is just. Well. Daddy. 

I walk to the bathroom to do my deal and when I get out the plane starts to shake uncontrollably. The seat belt sign turns on and I start walking to my seat grabbing myself to the walls so I wouldn’t fall

“Miss Lockwood and Mr Wood, please return to your seats as we are going through a big storm” - the pilot says

“Great” - I let out and walking through the corridor to my seat when a big air bubble is made feel on the plane and I lose balance falling on top of Ethan.

Great now he thinks I’m hitting on him. I know. Typical. The girl falls into the guy's arms and they fall madly in love. Not gonna happen.

Ethan’s hands grab my waist and legs keeping me steady and I wrap my arms around his neck. 

He smells strong. And his hazel eyes looking at me made me feel a chill down my spine. 

“Thanks” - I whisper looking at his lips.

“Anytime princess” - he answers. 

Ethan POV

I can't fucking concentrate with Amelia in front of me smelling good and looking so focused. From time to time my eyes would lift from my laptop and look at her. She bites her lower lip while she concentrates. She has her legs crossed and the foot banging against the table. I bet she doesn’t even realise what she’s doing. I bet she doesn’t even know how sexy she is and how much effect she has on guys. 

I can’t concentrate so I get up to go to the bathroom. I need to throw some fresh water to my face and hell I need another coffee. 

I get up and I feel Amelia’s eyes burning on my back. I walk to the air hostess area.

“Can I get you anything?” - she asks

“Coffee, black” - I say walking past her to the bathroom.

I put both my hands supporting my weight in the sink and I look at my reflection in the mirror. 

“Behave” - I tell myself and I throw some cold water on my face. 

I dry my face with the towel and I walk out. That’s when I crash into the girl.

“Sorry” - I say trying to walk past her and she keeps placing her body in front of me.

“Are you sure you don’t need anything else?” - she asks with a smirk on her face.

“I’m sure” - I tell her. 

“I could make you relax, you seem tense” - she says placing her hand on my chest. 

Fuck it. Might just tap that and get it over with. I pull her close and take a sit with her on my lap. 

She crosses her legs and my hand starts caressing her bare legs while she opens my shirt. 

I grab her hair with my other hand and pull her head back kissing her neck and exposing more of her cleavage. 

I let go of her hair and start caressing her breasts on top of her clothes while she passes her long nails through my bare skin. 

We kiss for a little while and then I hear someone clearing their throat. Great. 

“I am not paying you to fuck my bodyguard”- Amelia says to the girl and she jumps from my lap pulling her skirt down and tidying her hair. 

I can see Amelia is upset. She’s biting the inside of her cheek. Her arms crossed under her breasts making them look bigger. She is looking at me as if trying to figure out what I am thinking. Tough luck cookie. I was trained to show nothing. 

“I. I am sorry miss” - the girl says now tucking in her shirt into her skit.

“And you” - she says looking at me 

“Yeah?” - I reply tucking in my shirt into my trousers and doing the buttons

“Could you please leave my employees alone?” - she asks and I pick up a hint of jealousy. She is annoyed 

“Whatever you want princess” - I tell her while I wink at the girl and walk back to my seat.

Not long after the plane starts having turbulence and I do my seat belt. I look back to see if Amelia was coming and I saw her struggling to walk. Being thrown from side to side while she holds herself again walks. 

“Miss Lockwood and Mr Wood, please return to your seats as we are going through a big storm” - the pilot says

That’s when Amelia falls onto my lap. Like an angel. My arms wrap automatically around her curvy body and her arms wrap around my neck. One of my hands fall onto her legs keeping her steady. I look deep into her green orbs and I can feel she is going to be a problem for me.

When we get back I will quit this job. I can’t get myself involved with a job. 

“Thanks” - she whispers with her eyes falling from my eyes to my lips. 

Amelia starts biting her lips and I grab her tighter against me. As if she was going to evaporate in the thin air.

“Anytime princess” - I reply and keep her close to me.

We didn’t move for a while. I don’t know what she was thinking but fuck me she is gorgeous. Any man would fall on her feet and beg her for attention. And here she is. Sitting on my lap. With her arms wrapped around my neck. 

That’s when I lose my shit and kiss her.

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