Passed Out


I was laughing and stumbling as I walked, and I noticed that Elena had a look of nervousness on her face, but I couldn't place the source of her anxiety.

But I didn't stop walking; instead, I continued on until I ran into something solid and tough. "No, come on, it's fin... mph," I don't know who I bumped into, but I murmured just before it happened.

I could barely make out Elena's voice as she tried to hold back the other words but I heard her say "Oh dear."

I looked up to determine whose chest it was that I had inadvertently bumped into in order to avoid further inconvenience. When I looked up and saw William, I immediately started laughing, which caused him to look at me in a perplexed manner.

At that moment, I was completely out of my mind, and said, "William, you are too handsome, and every girl wants to be with you but why you selected me instead," I pinched his cheeks again and asked, "Do you love me this much that you select me in all of them?" while gigglin
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