Meeting His Parents

English is my second language, so please ignore if you find any grammar or other mistakes. THANKS!

                 CHAPTER EIGHTEEN

"Who are you honey, I have never seen you around before," she asked me but suddenly kept silent as she remembered something "Wait aren't you the bar girl who slapped him?" she questioned while laughing slightly as she was amused by those words.

"Ha ha ha, nice joke amm I'm..." I was confused and was embarrassed when she said those words, what to say? What to say? Oh My God, now I'm done.

"Mom meets my fiance and almost to be my future wife Jennifer Oxford and Jen meet my mom stanza," he blurred out quickly huh, he didn't want me to destroy his so-called called perfect plan by saying something wrong.

"Wait, did I really heard the word future wife, honey, because wow, my son is going faster than I expected him to be," the man said to

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