"Sheeh..." said William rubbing Jen's shoulder softly, "She's your sister and she understands, what you did was because of circumstances!"

Everyone was wearing black suits and standing in front of a grave where Caila Oxford was engraved.

Jen wanted to pay her respect at her only sister's grave which was next to her parents.

All her life, deep down in her heart, she blamed herself for her parent's death but now her only family member after her parents were also dead because of her.

Caila just wanted to save her little sister from evil hands but her way of doing things was wrong which led to her taking her own life.

"Mommy who is she?" asked Bella confused after seeing her mother sobbing.

Jennifer turned her face towards Bella and replied smiling, "The person resting here is your aunt who would love you so much if she was alive today!"

Jennifer told both Evan and Bella how her aunt sacrificed her life to save their mother.

With every word tears were falling down
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It’s a good story . Good ending very touching and funny towards the end . There is unity btw the friends . The beginning was good as well . Not the normal one. … one night stand .. pregnant .. then 5 years later the wife came back for revenge . ............
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