Chapter 2


I shove my hands in my jeans as I walk through another clothing store. I stare at every female human that I pass. I am desperately trying to lock eyes or smell an intoxicating smell. This store is full of lingerie and packed with women of both species.

I focus my attention on the humans. According to the moon goddess who visited me when I was younger, I will have a human Luna. A perfect balance to my strength and power.

I am a huge wolf. I tower over others with my 6'5" frame. And my 230lb body is solid muscle. I have met very few Alphas as big as I am. Even my dark grey wolf is a monster of muscle. He is the biggest wolf I have ever seen and he fills my chest with pride.

Many Alphas are terrified of my power. It's not my fault that it seems to fill the air around me. But many of them now I am a very fair wolf.

I never go to war without a just reason and I never kill an innocent. But my obvious strength is still intimidating. The moon goddess pairing me with a human makes sense to me for those reasons. My mate needs to balance myself and be everything I'm not. I just pray she isn't too weak. My species does not take kindly to weakness.

The female humans in the store scurry out of my path. My size and intense stares are probably scaring them. The she-wolves however are batting their eyelashes and smiling at me. I internally cringe. Time to give up for today.

I have visited so many cities looking for my mate. I've spent the last 5 yrs searching in malls, bars, stores, and even school campuses.

At 18 most wolves find their other half. I'm 23 and beginning to get worried. Human females get married and have children. They don't wait for mates, it isn't their culture. I've waited for my mate since my visit from the goddess.

I know my mate will be human so she-wolves don't interest me. I've kissed she-wolves and gotten touched by them but I've never taken a wolf to bed. I would never be with another's mate. It doesn't sit right with me knowing they are created for another.

Wolves have high sex drives and high protective instincts. The higher up in rank you are, the more powerful those instincts are. It naturally helps our kind breed stronger wolves and protect our packs. Myself being an Alpha, those instincts drive my every thought.

I've lost very few pack members since I've become Alpha at 18. But my sex life is on hold..... still. Resulting in my hand being my current best friend.

My pack has grown in number in the past few years of my reign and we actually need to have more homes built. Our pack house could also use some additions and upgrades. I link my beta to call companies throughout the city as I leave the mall. He finally responds as I enter our territory about an hour out of the city.

Clint- A human run company can come out tomorrow. They can at least give us an idea on price for when the wolves are free.

Emmett- Sounds fair. What time?

Clint- The guy said 1pm.

Emmett- Alright

Most wolf companies stick to wolf packs for business. They must be busy currently. We are having a time of great peace so wolf numbers are increasing. The rogues and hunters seem to be at war with only each other at the moment. But as soon as rogue number deplete they will return to attacking packs. Which is their easiest way of gaining numbers.

Rogues are disgusting wolves in my eyes. They target mated pack women. The more they kill the more male wolves they gain. A wolf who loses their mate becomes complete animal. Our humanity dies and our wolf instincts take control. The Rogues then recruit the the very wolves they break. They offer blood and for a creature who is now driven by blood lust, it is typically to great an offer to pass up.

Hunters are growing in number, due to rogues. Rogues kill and that makes the humans fear us. Fear creates hate. Hunters have decided we are all dangerous because we all have the potential to become rogue.

It's a never ending argument in the human world. Most humans accept us while others turn to hate and fear. They want us banished from human cities. They want us segregated to only wolf territories and establishments.

Hunters are basically human vigilantes, who have given up on the human's political debates about us. They have decided to take action and just exterminate us.

Our three weaknesses make us easy targets. Silver, wolvesbane, and of course our mates. So many vile humans trap us by using our mates as bait. Our ultimate gift from our goddess being using as our biggest downfall.

I enter my personal gym and change. My gym shorts and tank are so comfortable compared to my jeans and shirt. I sigh as I wrap my large hands around my 80lb dumbbells. Time to bury myself in weight training for the evening.

My species are naturally athletic. We use this to our advantage in human competitions. We are not allowed to compete in their Olympics but we compete in other events.

I love to compete in their body building competitions. I'm naturally huge, so I typically win. On the rare occasion I'm beaten, it is very surprising.

Especially if I'm beaten by a human. The human individuals who do beat me, I give them respect. They are over coming natural selection. It always peeks my interest on how far a human can push their bodies.

I spend the next two hours pushing my muscles to go above and beyond their natural strength. The humans have a competition coming up in Las Vegas and I would love to attend. So many human females reside in that city. I might find my mate if I look there again.

I'm so caught up in my training I don't hear the door to my personal space open and close. But I am soon being touched by small hands and I freeze with anger.

All my pack members know that my gym is off-limits. My sister, Clint, Mike, and Lance are the select few allowed into my personal space. I see this area as my stress release. My personal domain and safe haven.

My growl tumbles off the walls all around me. I spin around meeting the intruder with a black deadly glare. I let my wolf stare at the trespassing she-wolf.

"Oh Alpha don't be like that. I know it is stressful looking for a mate we might never find. I just wanted to offer to keep you company," Abigail whines.

She is a very known wolf among the unmated males. I grind my teeth, remembering that in high school I had let the female help me release and kissed her.

"Get out," I say disgusted by her very presence. She seems to ignore my anger and blatant disinterest, because she makes no move in leaving.

"Oh Alpha, we used to be so close. Let us be close again," she says batting her long lashes and smiling at me.

I feel my anger growing. This female has come into my home, into my space, and is deathly close to pulling my wolf farther out. I close my eyes trying to settle my natural anger. 

I guess she takes that as a sign of weakness and she instantly resumes her touching. She slides her hand quickly into my shorts. And before I can shove her to the ground, the pleasure she is giving takes hold. My wolf groans in my head as my mouth falls open.

Alpha wolf- Let the little slut touch us. Don't bed her. We need this.

His shaky strained voice vibrates in my head. And I groan agreeing with him. I let her push me into a sitting position on my bench press.

She kisses my neck and earns an encouraging moan from me. She smiles like she has won a trophy. My shorts are soon tugged to the floor of my gym and the little she-wolf tries to straddle me. My wolf shoots our hand out grabbing her neck.

Alpha Wolf- no one gave you permission to place us in you.

His black gaze makes her body shiver and her head nod.

"Yes Alpha, I'm sorry," Abigail whimpers while moving to the floor in between my knees.

I allow Alpha to remain in the front of our heads. He is taking more pleasure from the she-wolf than I am. I will let him entertain his natural instincts.

We both seek our one and only mate. But his Alpha instinct to breed has been driving us to lash out and spend hours in the gym. It has been over two years since we allowed a female to touch us.

We both decided that the moon goddess might be delaying our meeting with our mate due to us letting other females touch us. So we had sworn off females. But the years have made our resolve weak. So weak.

Little Abigail has finished her task and finally leaves us alone. I push myself forward and my wolf instantly retreats to the back of my mind.

Emmett- happy?

Alpha- no! But we are satisfied. I'm tired of wanting to rip everyone to shreds. Aren't you?

My wolf yawns out. His release having exhausted his poor attitude.

Emmett- yes, but I don't want these slutty females thinking they can come into our space. We should have kicked her out.

Alpha Wolf- you invited the pleasure just as much as I did. Don't try to act all high and mighty now.

He bit back at me while shaking out his fur in irritation. I could see his wolf eyes glaring at me in our mind. So I roll my eyes and cut our link.

I make a beeline to my bedroom to wash her smell off my skin. She doesn't have a bad smell but I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea. Unfortunately Moira has to be on the stairs.

"Oh big brother is that Abby I smell on you," she asks with fake surprise.

"Moira, did you let that thing into our house," I growl out my question to my younger sister.

"I'm sorry brother but your attitude lately has been horrendous. The omegas are afraid to clean because of your short temper," she says while staring at me.

"I do not mistreat our omegas," I say in return but I feel a little guilty.

I have been rather snappy with them lately. I bite my lip and cross my arms over my chest. Moira is right. I needed it.

Alpha Wolf laughs at me in our head. I growl at him in return.

"You didn't shame your mate though did you," Moira questions looking guilty that she might have done something to her future sister-in-law.

"No," I state clearing her guilt and effectively clearing my stairs so I can proceed to my much needed shower.

I need to plan for what I want done on our land completely before the construction company arrives tomorrow. I will have Clint meet me in the morning to settle our plans.

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Jane Walker
Hmmm, I think he’s just made a mistake that will bite him in the a*se! I wonder if Abby is Twig? I’m better she is & will take delight in telling her how she pleasured her mate. Fantastic story, thoroughly captivated

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