Chapter 6


Mate. A word that tore my family apart. A word that left my father a single dad. I will never know if my mother was kept from visiting us or chose to stay away herself. It hurts to think it might have been her decision. 

I don't want to be a mate. I don't want any relationship, period. I want my family business to succeed and to feel accomplished in the ring. I don't want to feel an unexplainable bond with a stranger. I don't even know if I would like a romantic relationship with a person who isn't a stranger. I need to focus on helping my brother, keeping our company in the black, and enjoying my free time. From my experience, love hurts. My father was broken when his wife chose a bond over him.

I stand up and look at Mr. Wolf Man. He is handsome. Dark brown, almost black hair, Chocolate rich eyes that warm your soul, a short beard that pulls attention to his jawline, and a sexy HUGE body. Truly a man that could star in every girl's f
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Mary Agustin
why do we have to pay for something that is supposed to be free
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Lorraine Johnston
l think your story is great l paid to carry on
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Melissa Parsons
I love the story but it is hard to pay 48 coins for the next chapter.

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