Chapter 10


Lisa's scent isn't with her crew this morning. I wonder if she will show up today, considering what happened last night. I can't believe we went that far. I shouldn't have pushed her. I know the bond is now stronger between us, which I'm thankful for, but I don't want to push my human mate. 

When the Goddess gave me the information about my mate, I chose to learn more about humans. I know humans aren't as sexually driven as we are, and I also know humans like relationships to build. Wolves move fast once we find our mates. I promised to move at a slow pace for my human. To woo her and build love up with the bond. 

Flashback Emmett 10 yrs old

Emmett- Where am I?

Voice- You are in my realm, child. 

I look everywhere for the voice. And spot a beautiful woman standing in the grass. I instantly know it is my Goddess.

Emmett- Hi goddess. Am I in trouble?

The Goddess laughs at me

Goddess- No child
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Shenna Locklear
Sadie... if all of your works are like this you've got a fan for life. Vivid story telling. With comedy. No over the top character narratives. Bravo, best author I've read so far on this app. ūüĎŹ
goodnovel comment avatar
Renee Lozano
sadie ferez i love your novel. you are an awesome story teller. however unlocking your chpter is soooo damn expensive i cannot afford it anymore. can you not reduce the price to not more than 15 cpins at least? that wpuld encpurage more readers.

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