Chapter 11


Emmett's office is nice and completely organized except for the hole in the wall where a window was. I can't believe rogues attacked his land while my crew was here. I didn't even think about that danger when we took this job. 

I had told my crew to head to their safe room, but I couldn't go. My entire body was calling for Emmett's. I was sick to my stomach, thinking that he might be hurt. I've known this man for two and a half weeks, but it feels like years. The pull I've felt since last night is impossible to wrap my head around. 

When a big wolf tried to drag me to the safe room, I snapped. I immediately hit him with two jabs to the nose. Blood had splattered, and the wolf had let go. Mike had burst out laughing at the other wolf. I would not leave to some safe room like some scared little girl when he was out protecting all of us. 

Finally, the office door opens, and Emmett walks to his desk. He pauses for a moment at the hole
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I feel sorry for them all. They had plans and expectations. He needs to know her past to understand her feelings and fears. She needs to know him genuinely with her prejudices getting in the way...just maybe they can find level ground to communicate.
goodnovel comment avatar
I really like this story. I can't wait to see where it goes.

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