Chapter 44


I sigh as I drop into my chair. Alpha feels drained from having to end Ryan's suffering. Lisa rubs my shoulders with steady hands.

"She named their pup Joel," I say, wanting to talk about something positive but finding nothing.

"That's a good name. You said he gets a family," she asks with a curious tone.

"Orphan pups are quite rare for our pack. The last rogue attack was when I was 18 and Moira was 15. But even from that attack, we only had a few orphans. There are about 11 mated couples that just absolutely adore kids. So we set up a system. We rotate the couples and place children when they need it. I prefer that then an orphanage. Now, if we ever get an abundance of orphans, of course, we will have to change the system," I explain while rolling a pen around on my desk, enjoying her massage.

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Kolajo Itunu
I so much love the wolf Alpha, so funny.
goodnovel comment avatar
oh well if I may say Lisa can be so stupid and stubborn at the same time...why can't she understand that she is the target of the rogues...regardless of her strength, she will put the pack in danger.
goodnovel comment avatar
Love Alpha and is emmett really that thick and clueless with women i know he has very little in experience with dating but being alpha and knowing about the mate bonds and feelings surly he'd be a bit more clued up and learn from past with her where he went wrong think how u wud feel before speak

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