Chapter 46


I can't believe a slutty little wolf thought she could touch my brother. Alpha Karen's she-wolves must be complete whores.

And I can't believe Little miss Alpha Karen thought she could undermine me and speak to my mate so informally. Linda has taught me Alphas are always called Alpha, except by family members or their mates. Shoot, even Clint, Mike, and Lance call Emmett Alpha. And they are his closest friends.

"Let's go for a run, love. We need it. Then after you can go work on school work. Take some time and relax. We will have couples gym time tonight," Emmett says, stroking my hair lovingly.

"A run sounds amazing. Linda is extra energetic today," I say, pecking his waiting lips.

I loved how he hadn't spared Karen even a glance when he sided with me

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wow so she was already warned about calling emmett without his title then she does it again and again!! plus i hope she finds out alpha had put her in her place trying to get close to emmett and i knew she was going to try take him and i bet she is going to challenge lisa which again i said she wud

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