Chapter 48



How can she be so perfect? So strong? She stands there getting congratulated by three strong Alphas and has over 700 wolves all admiring the ground she walks on.

My manhood twitches. This perfect creature is ours. Suddenly I don't want her around anyone. Jealousy and lust pricks at my skin. She is standing primarily naked in front of hundreds of eyes. I can smell many unmated males' arousal, and it makes Alpha growl in our head.

Lisa meets my hungry gaze with a knowing smirk. She can feel my arousal through the bond. The knowledge alone has me repeating history. I grab her and fling her over my shoulder. Riverstone wolves erupt into cheers.

"Emmett, my butt is showing," she says with a smile in her voice. I growl and shift her into a bridal hold.

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I have to say, he still has some ways to go, but Scott has grown on me. that said. I fear something will happen to Mike.

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