Chapter 49


This morning felt quiet, calm, and eerie. Lance, Clint, Mike, Scott, Moira, Emmet, and I ate breakfast quietly. My skin is crawling with unease. We had all woke up exceptionally early, almost as if we could feel the threat approaching.

"So to pop the awkward bubble, everyone can feel it, right," Mike asks with his cheeks filled with sausage.

"Yes," I say, sipping my coffee squeezing Emmett's hand.

This is the first time I have had to calm him constantly. Alpha is pulsing under the surface. He wants out. He wants to run his border and confront whatever is coming. But the plan is a group battle in the training field, not scattered battles in the trees.

"I've had constant contact with Craig all morning. The entire pack is feeling what we are feeling," Lance sa

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when will scotts wolf come thought the moon goddess said he would once he been marked

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