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The vampires move so fast. Splitting through the wolves, killing as they go. Rogues and Warriors alike, they don't care. Alpha shouts loudly, barking orders to the inexperienced wolves.

Riverstone has never had a vampire as an enemy.

"Go for their hearts!" "Form circles!" "Protect each other!"

Lisa and Moira are put in the middle of a very protected circle. Lance, Mike, Clint, Scott, and Alpha demolish attacking rogues with ease. The vampires seem to be targeting the confused wolves first. One female vamp approaches quickly, but Clint rips her heart out. A male Vampire screeches in pain.

He moves at heightened speeds going for Clint, but Alpha blocks him. He does an elegant spin move avoiding Alpha's huge hand that reaches for his heart. He lands in the circle dashing towards Moira.

Scott growls loudly. His arms are full. He has a struggling rogue in wolf form by the neck. The vampire doesn't slow down. He sho

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Jennifer White
I absolutely loved this book but I'm having trouble finding the alphas little sister can someone help
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Kim Tilbrook
Ewwww!!! Is all I have to say about all of the anal... it's disgusting to read about. But the rest of the story was great!
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Shirley Mendez
great book
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