Chapter Nine

My mind couldn't literally process what was happening right now.  Her lips were still lingering on mine as we deepened the kiss.

I pulled away to get some air. God! Her lips were so soft I didn't want to stop and she tasted so good.

She was looking at me with a small smile on her face, "you okay?"

I smiled and nodded my head, "yeah..."

"You sure?" She asked moving her thumb on my cheek caressing it a bit.

I had a few options then, I could just nod my head or tell her that I'm actually pretty sure that I'm okay.. or I could do exactly what I'm thinking. So without thinking myself out of this, I pulled her head down and reconnected our lips again.

She responded quickly. Her hand holding on tight around my waist. We kissed and then she pulled away.. totally away I felt a bit empty.

I started to freak out.. God what if she regreted it.

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