Chapter Thirteen

Have you ever been told something but then later felt like an idiot because what you've been told was a fucken lie..

I was so mad when I took a shower later on after the match.

So they think I'm fucken stupid.. wow.. if they were hiding their relationship they fucken shouldn't be so affectionate in public. Fuck theeeeem!

I was feeling very gayish for tonight's party and in order to forget what I saw earlier I planned on getting wasted and hopefully fucking someome... So I put on my black ripped jeans, white shirt and white sneakers..and then a black straight cap on to avoid my hair being all over my face and put on my leather jacket.

I wrote a tiny letter for the folks when they come back..

Hello parents..

Okay so Sandra, captain of the team invited me to her party.. not just me, the rest of the team to actually celebra

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