Chapter Twenty Eight


I was still trying to get my breath back and even my vision. I wiped them tears on my eyes and took in one breath..

"Mom!!!!! Call the cops.. Mom!.. Vee wake wake up.. Veee" I yelled loud now and Sipho turned around to look at me, "so... you can talk now honey?"

He then made his way towards me.

"Please Sipho don't do this..." I said looking behind him at the floor and seeing Vee move a bit.


"Because mom is calling the cops.."

He laughed, "your mom...? Your mom and sister.. they are sleeping. I made sure of that..."

I got up into a sitting position on my bed and spat on his face, "you are one sick and disgusting person... and I can't wait for the day where you actually get to pay for every fucken thing you did to me!"

Valentia got up and indicated with her hand that I keep talking... She was

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