Chapter 2 love interest

Chapter 2 love interest 

Turvi's pov 

Me and Stuti both are seated inside an auto rickshaw that is taking us to our college. 

Stuti hasn't uttered a single word after that fight. 

And I know why that is.. She doesn't like unnecessary drama and fights. She is the silent one in us. 

"Stuti says something this year. Silence doesn't suit you baby doll." I said and saw the driver looking at me from the mirror 

"The road is in front of you, not in the backside so concentration on that." I told him and he looked at the front only 

"now please say something." I told her 

"why did you curse that man?" she asked what I thought she will 

"because that Richie rich deserves that. You saw what happened right?" I asked her 

"Yes I did. But did you see his car? It was from an exclusive and expensive collection. He must be rich very much and his driver was also looking like men in black. What if he harms you? You have offended him by cursing." she said and I sighed 

"that blind richie rich has more work to do doll, don't worry about him he can't do shit. And how will he find me? In this big city there are many people and I don't think he clearly saw me as well." I said and she shook her head 

"I will tell this to Bua (paternal aunt) then she will handle you." she said and I gave her an are you out of your mind look. 

Mom will kill me if she gets to know about this. She is too much orthodox. Despite being educated her thinking didn't change at all. 

She doesn't like my dancing and wearing this kind of clothing. It's dad who supported me. 

"tu behen hai ya dushman?"(are you sister or enemy?)I asked her 

"your well wisher," she replied 

"Please don't tell mom you know how she is, pretty please." I pleaded 

"fine this time I will but not every time I will stop it's about your safety," she said and I smiled 

We reached our college late thanks to that king of arrogance. 

"first period is missed," Stuti said glaring at me 

Did I mention she is a bookworm? Well I didn't. She is a very studious student but I'm not. I'm an average student. 90 percent is passed 40 percent also is passed. So why take tension? 

"No worries , one class won't harm much." I told her and she glared at me but then her eyes roam behind me 

"Turu, Shravan is coming," she said and I rolled my eyes 

Shravan is one of those boys who are trying to date me. Almost every boy in my class is behind me. Almost but alas the one who should be Interested he shows no emotions like that. Girls are jealous of me because I get everyone's attention but they can burn in their jealousy. I don't give a damn. 

"hi Turvi, hi Stuti," shravan said and I turned towards him 

It's not that he isn't handsome , but my heart does not want him but someone else. 

"hii shravan." I replied but Stuti kept silent 

She doesn't respond to boys and even Girls sometimes. No one will say that the girl who bosses around in the house is a scared kitten outside. 

"so want to say something?" I asked him because he was staring at me without blinking and that's creepy as fuck 

"yeah actually I wanted to ask you something." He said nervously 

I know what's coming after this but let's play along. 

"go ahead I'm all ears," I told him 

"will you go in the farewell party with me as my date?" he asked me and I took a deep breath 

"I'm sorry. But I can't." I told him and his face fell but he tried to smile 

"it's ok so with whom you're going?" he asked me 

Now what should I answer? I'm not going with anyone yet. 

"with me," a very familiar voice said making my heart skip a beat 

"I should have thought that." shravan muttered under his breath but I heard him 

"um Stuti will you like to go?" he asked her 

Stuti looked at him in shock first, but that didn't last for long because her face became straight again. 

"thank you for asking but I'm not a substitute or proxy. So no." she said without any emotions 

And that was a cue for Shravan to be embarrassed. 

The handsome hunk got rejected twice on his face. Such a pity. Tsk! 

"Why don't you ask Trisha? I'm sure she will love to join you." I told him and he fake smiled 

"I should go, bye" he said and left 

I turn towards my hero and look at him with a fake angry face. 

"well hello Mr. Raichand. And who said I'm coming with you? I didn't say yes if I remember, oh you didn't even ask me about it. You can't just go around and dec...."my words struck in my throat when he go down on his knees 

Is he going to do what I'm thinking? Is he finally going to.. I should stop now and let him say what he wants to. 

" so Ms. Turvi Ahuja will you do the honour of being my date to the farewell party? "he asked me and here my all high hopes got crushed again 

" I will think about it, "I said 

" that means a yes. See doll face I asked you and you accepted now you're my date for that day. "He said and unknown to me my cheeks reddened 

He calls me doll face and I don't like if someone else calls me that. 

And my devil sister teases me with that. 

" I didn't said yes Aashank, you're being Delusional "I told him 

" oh you said you will think and that means you will say yes because you can't deny a handsome man like me now can you? "he asked and I rolled my eyes 

" handsome and you? You look like a monkey. "I retorted 

" and you are friends with this monkey. "He said 

Such a sly bastard he is.. 

" but you love this bastard, "says my heart 

Yes ladies and gentlemen I love this idiot who is our friend as well. I am not sure about his feelings, that's why I never said anything to him. I have liked him since the first day we met. 

He is also from a middle class background. He doesn't have parents. They died when he was young and he had an elder brother whom we never saw. 

He is a musician and singer what a perfect couple we will be isn't it? 

"Doll face back to earth," he said and snapped his fingers in front of me 

"yeah, you're too irritating." I said 

"Well doll face you have to go with this irritating man now as your dance teacher asked me to call you and take her. She has some news for you." Aashank said 

"what news?" I asked 

"I don't know, let's go if you want to know." He said and I nodded 

I turn to find Stuti but she is not here. 

"where is Stuti?" I asked him 

"she left when you're busy in day dreaming as she was getting late for her classes," he said and I nodded 

"Let's go then," he said 

"yeah," I replied to him 

Little did I know that this news was bad news in the form of a good one. 

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Madhu Krishna Sridhevi
sometimes this curses will become true
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Madhu Krishna Sridhevi
only if ur karma doesn't play it's game

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