Chapter 4 dance competition

Chapter 4 dance competition 

Turvi's pov 

Turvi why aren't you ready yet?" Stuti asked me.

"I'm practicing for the last time. Once done I will finish my make up." I told her 

I have worn my dress and jewellery just need to make up for it. 

"No first get ready," she says 

"Ok mummy," I mocked her and she rolled her eyes. 

I finished my make up and saw myself in the mirror. I'm not looking bad I see. Lol whom I'm kidding I'm looking gorgeous... 

I'm wearing a red blouse with gold thread work over it. And a net lehenga of cream colour with a red thread work cloth underneath it and a cream colour net dupatta with sparkling border on it.

And about my jewellery I'm wearing Rajasthani maang tikka, and pearl work jhumka and necklace set with the same pear work kamidahani on my waist. My wrists are adorned with red and golden colour bangles as a small black bindi is stuck between my eyebrows.....

"Stop praising yourself and practice till you have time," my oh so dear sister said.

"Yeah I know, by the way, did he come?" I asked about Aashank who just evaporated from our life's for a few days.

"Well sweety he hasn't come neither I think he will come," Stuti said and my face fell.

"Don't worry babe I'm here for you. And when Stuti is here, why do you need someone else near?" she asked and I laughed nodding my head.

I finally practiced my dance once again. It's a combination of 3 dance forms. 

1. lavni 

2. Bharatanatyam


I'm trained in Bharatanatyam but the other two are quite new but I adapt them well. 

" The competition is about to start to come backstage." a girl from the crew informed me and I nodded my head. 

"Let's go then," I told Stuti. 

We came backstage and heard someone giving a speech. 

"Who is giving a speech?" I asked about hearing the voice because it's unfamiliar and very much deep and husky.

The one that gives you shivers? Quite intimidating. No one in our college. Has this kind of voice. 

"It's The owner of A&A academy," Arti replied. 

"Oh," I said and concentrated on my performance. 

Soon it started and girls from other colleges performed even as boys performed as well. 

I'm last because my college is the one who is organising it. 

"Turvi you are next." Arti said and I nodded.

"All the best Turu," Stuti said with a smile. 

I took a deep breath and smiled. It's my turn now. 

The stage was dark as I walked in. I have my face covered with the veil. I do it when I perform classical forms.. 

My opening is with Song aigiri Nandini with Bharatnatyam then Apsara Ali with Lavani dance style. In the middle, I did Kathak on Kahe ched mohe song. 

The songs are switching in between and I'm changing my styles accordingly. 

I know it's a very difficult thing to do but I did and I have to so I can win. 

Once I finished I bowed down and left. 

"Oh my god Turu you did an amazing job. It was better than the practice one." Stuti said hugging me 

"It was meant to be better than that. I hope that I win." I told her 

"Turvi you did a great job. I'm so proud of you" Mrs. Disha said patting my back.

"Thank you, mam," I told her. 

Now we have to wait for the result to come out and that will happen after the music performance ends. 

That idiot hasn't come back yet. Ane do vapas phir dekhungi mai usko. (Let him come, I will see him)

"You did very bad by not coming back today." I texted him. 

And like every other time it got a single tick. 

Where the fuck he is and what is he doing? 

Suddenly my phone rang breaking my chain of thoughts. It's mom. 

"Hi mom how are you doing?" I asked her. 

"Hello Turu, I'm fine, how are you and Stuti? And what about your dance programme? " she asked me 

"We both are fine mom and my dance performance went well," I told her but for some reason I felt her voice is strained and tensed? Or I'm thinking too much? 

"You sure? Nothing happened right?" she asked. 

"Mom we are fine. Can you tell me what happened? Why are you sounding tense?" I asked her.

Stuti also came back with some snacks to eat. 

"Who is on the line?" she asked.

"Mom, wanna talk?" I asked her.

"Yup," she said. 

"Turu two days back I had a bad dream about you and today again I saw it. My heart is not in peace, my sixth sense is telling that something is already wrong. Or going to happen please you both stay away from any drama or trouble. Don't act like a hero and fight with someone you know my sixth sense never says wrong. "She said and I remembered my encounter with Richie Rich 2 weeks ago.

Shut up Turvi don't remember that arrogant jerk... 

" Ok mom don't worry about us we will stay out of trouble. "I told her.

" Mom Stuti wants to talk." I say and give the phone to Stuti. 

Mom is never wrong in this matter but I didn't do anything wrong, did I? 

"Well picking up unnecessary fights with strangers are wrong ." said my bitch of a subconscious. 

I ignored her comment and noticed Stuti is talking with mom with a serious face. 

Now, what happened to her? 

She hung up sometime later and looked at me. 

"Stay out of trouble," she said with a stern look 

"Okay mummy now give food to your baby. She is starving." I said and she rolled her eyes.

She handed me my favourite noodles and that made me super happy... 

She has taken a chicken wrap for herself. 

We finished eating that and then ate what was assigned for participants. 

Me and Stuti shared it... 

While stuffing our stomach the time passed away and it's time for the results. 

I'm very much nervous oh god please let it be me. 

I heard the same voice from before saying something. 

"All of the participants did a great job...." I ignored that part and was attentive when it's time to announce the winner's name.

Stuti had held my hand to support me. 

"And the winner is Ms. Turvi Ahuja, congratulations," he said and I felt like I got the most important thing in my life.

"Congratulations Turu, you won," stuti said hugging Me and I hugged her back tightly 

"Ms. Ahuja please come on the stage," I heard my name being called 

I wiped my happy tears and walked towards the stage without knowing that I was stepping on a trap. 

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