Chapter 8 night club disaster

Chapter 8 nightclub disaster 

Turvi's pov 

I locked our apartment and walked downstairs with Stuti. She isn't comfortable with the dress much but she will be. She is looking so hot and gorgeous. 

She always hides her beauty under those baggy clothes.. 

"babe calm down nothing will happen to you. No one will eat you alive. I won't leave you alone so don't worry." I told her and she smiled 

"I know," is the only answer I got 

We walked outside and saw a car waiting for us as the driver was Aashu. 

Last time I checked he doesn't own a car but a bike. 

Looking at us he came out of his car and let me tell you he is looking so handsome, hot and edible. Call me pervert but it's the way I'm. 

"wow," he said looking at us or i say looking at Stuti 

"wow doll face you made my nerd and boring sister hot and sexy not bad." He finished and I took a breath of relief when he used the word sister 

I know it's absurd to be jealous of my sister but I can't help when it comes to him. 

"oh hello, back to earth! What are you thinking?" Aashu snap his hand in front of me

"nothing.. We should go otherwise we will be late. And by the way who's car is it? " I asked him. 

"it's my roommate Akshat's.. I borrowed from him." Aashu said and I nodded 

Stuti sat in the back seat and I sat in the passenger seat in front with Aashu. 

The ride is about 1 hour as the club is situated on the outskirts of the city. 

I looked outside as it started to drizzle.. I wanted to go out and dance but alas I can't. I don't want to ruin my get up. 

I leaned towards the window side and took a deep breath closing my eyes. 

I opened my eyes and found myself in the middle of the forest

. What the fuck? How did I land here? 

Where is Stuti and Aashu? Where is my phone? 

"stuti! Aashu!" I screamed but no one replied 

Where are they? And why are my clothes torn? 

It's not what I wore before we left. 

"if you both are pranking me then believe me it won't end well. I won't talk to you both.. Please come out." I screamed but I only got silence in return 

This darkness of forest and creeping me out. 

I need to leave from here. 

I started to run when I suddenly heard someone's foot sounds behind me. 

I didn't stop because it's not my friend or sister. 

Suddenly I bumped into someone who held me from my waist. Its not Aashu 





the man said in a creepy way that my body was frozen. 

I couldn't see anything, not even his face. Because now it's completely dark without any moonlit but I can clearly see one thing in his eyes. 

They are very familiar to someone I know. Blue, his eyes are blue.. 

"Did you think you could escape me baby? If you do then you're very wrong." He said and came to kiss me but I screamed 

"Noo!" I screamed and panted 

"doll face are you OK?" Aashu asked me supping the car 

I am in the car and with my friend and sister. 

"Turu, did you see that again?" stuti asked and I nodded 

"here take water." Aashu offered and I drink it 

I'm drenched in sweat.. What the fuck was that? 

Who is that man? And the first time I saw something about that man. His voice is very distant. I don't remember much. 

"doll face do you want to go there or go home back?" Aashu asked me 

"I want to go, I need to loosen up a little bit." I told him 

"are you sure Turu?" stuti asked 

"I'm, don't worry. I just want to sit with you." I said 

"Yes come." she replied and open the door 

I opened my side door and got down and hopped back in the back seat. 

I hugged Stuti tightly because she is the one who can calm me. 

We reached the club in 10 minutes and entered inside. 

I can feel stares on me and stuti but I ignored it. I'm habitual of it but Stuti isn't enjoying it much. She wants to hide from everyone's eyes. 

"I'm here," I told her holding her hand 

"you both won't go anywhere alone. Always stay with me and go with me. And I fucking dare you to disobey me this time." He said with all seriousness 

"OK boss we won't go anywhere." I told him 

We go towards the bar area and order drinks. 

I ordered a virgin mojito where Aashu decided to go with lemonade and so is Stuti. 

"guys you can drink you know." I told them 

"I'm not going to touch alcohol here. Nope I need to be in my senses and Stuti doesn't drink alcohol did you forget?" Aashu asked me 

"Well everything has its first time Right?" I asked but she shook her head 

"Fine suit yourself." saying I gulped my drink 

I ordered four more drinks and gulped them down one by one in one breath when stuti and Aashu were talking about something. 

"Turvi what are you doing? Have you lost your mind? You're drinking for the first time, don't forget." Aashu said but I care less 

I want to be drunk and forget those things I saw. I know I will have a bad hangover but I care less about it. 

"stop it Turu," stuti said 

"last one I promise I will stop." I slurred 

Guess I'm already drunk. 

"fuck she is drunk already." Aashu cursed 

"I wanna dance," saying I went to the dance floor and started to dance like a mad girl.

I was dancing forgetting everything on the song Psycho saiyaan. 

I felt someone's hand on my back. It's Ashu I know. 

"doll face we need to go back you're already drunk." He whisper and I giggled 

"I want to stay.." I said and turn towards him 

He is looking so handsome.. 

"Where is Stuti? bring her here. I want to dance with her." I pouted and started to cry 

"OK I will bring her, you just stay here OK." He said and I laughed 

He left me and I felt the urge to pee. I need to go. 

I followed the signs for the washroom with difficulty as I'm stumbling here and there.

I guess I drank a lot but who cares. 

I went inside the washroom and did my business but why is it different? 

I went out and saw no girl here. It was strange! 

I washed my hand and decided to go outside but I bumped with someone. 

And he held me.. 

"Hey, what are you doing in the ladies washroom?" I slurred I could not see anything clearly 

He mumbled something that I didn't understand. 

"you're in the gents washroom." He said and I widen my eyes 

Oh shit! 

I suddenly felt the urge to throw up and I did. Black dots started to appear in front of me when I saw something that I don't want too but I saw clearly. 

Same blue eyes from my nightmares… 

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