Chapter 5: Study Partners

The siblings made it back to the school they could tell that something was amiss as they began to stalk back to their classroom in silence. Avoiding the police took longer than either of them thought, the mother and daughter were ranting and raving about monsters, but Connor and Glory knew that they would never believe them. But the moment that Ethan Storm heard about what was going on they knew that he would demand an answer from them.

Paul scurried back off into the shadows waiting patiently for the next attack this time hoping to stop the attack before someone dies. Leaving them to live this false life once more but their hearts were pumping with excitement from the recent slaughter of vampires. They felt positively euphoric and nothing could ruin their high at least that was what they thought before they made their way into the room.

A man with thinning brown curls and sparkling gray eyes gave them a harsh once

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