Death In The Family

It had to be at least three in the morning when all of this was going down, and the only thing that was running through Jake’s mind right now was that it was never going to work. Something was going to go wrong and then they would all be dead in a matter of minutes. It was going on like that for hours at a time and with every passing moment things were getting worse and worse for Jake, he kept thinking about all the things that were going to go wrong. Instead of all the things that were going to go right with this plan. It was Glory’s icy glare that pulled him out of his thoughts.

 “Maybe if you would listen to the plan and stop thinking about how it will go wrong then maybe you would be able to calm down you loser. Now  pay attention, this is the last time that we are going to repeat ourselves you got it?” Glory spoke in a cold voice.

Jake just nodded his head turned to look at the three wolves. Glory spoke with a level of confidence not

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