The Hales were walking out of the house watching as their uncle walked around the forest compound looking at his surroundings. Finding the places that they could hide and wait for the enemy to come and quickly kill them at a moment's notice. 

He didn’t once look up from his surroundings till he was sure that the entire compound was clear of any threats. Then he turned  to look at his children and he knew the question that had been on their minds since the questioning of Lindsay. 

“You want to know about what happened seven years go, why you were taken.” Rick spoke blankly 

They both just nodded they didn't say a thing, and Rick understood why. It was the crash that changed their life and it was what took them out of a world that they had known their whole lives and thrown into another one. 

    Rick tried to find the best place to start at but couldn't really think of it, but the o

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