There was a storm brewing but you couldn't tell by the way that the sky darkened and how it looked like nature was fighting against itself. No you could tell by the way that the Hale clan was getting along since Addy had gone missing.  Adam and Ella wouldn't even look at Rick for protecting Jake from their wrath. Just because it was a misunderstanding didn't mean anything to them, even if he didn't know what he was doing at the time. He still caused Addy pain and two of them thought  that was unforgivable. Paul was trying to stay out of it and was failing at it, no matter how hard he tried he ended up siding with his oldest friend. Paul didn't find anything wrong with that but Glory would disagree. Connor and Rick were still shell shocked from everything that happened to the point that they couldn't even stand on their feet because they used up all of their energy worrying and trying to fix everything . The only two wolves that seemed like they were having a great time wer

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