2. Oatmeal

I blinked rapidly waiting for him to say something but he didn't, he only returned to his work. He probably didn't remember me from the incident. Richard ushered me out, and I smile at the rest men, walking out if the tensed room.

"Nice to meet you Mabel" he said as he kissed my hand. A cute gesture, I like that.

"You too Richard"..

"Call me Rich" he said and disappeared back into the conference room with a smile on his face. He was handsome and had a curly blonde hair with one dimple, did I ever mention that last part? Grin!


When I got back to the apartment, I noticed a boot by the side of the door. Judy was not home and so was Chad. Who was it then?

I carefully stepped into the parlour and my face lit up.

"Garry!" I yelped and hopped in his arms.

"Hey babe. I heard what happened on the news. Are you alright?"

I grinned. "I'm fine. I just delivered some cupcakes." I wrapped his arms round my waist and pecked his chin. He was pretty tall. "I've missed you"

"Me too" he said and he kissed my lips. At first it was tender and then it turned passionate.

"How long before you go back?" I asked when we broke the kiss.

"A week?"

"Two" I pouted and he chuckled and playfully bit my nose.

"Two weeks it is" Garry walks as an engineer for a company, so he's usually in and out if places. His last trip was to Germany, because he as working on a bridge, before he finally became a professor at Cambridge. If it wasn't for his unsettled life, we would've probably gotten married by now.

I giggled and pulled him to the couch. "You look thinner. I'll make chicken"

"Let me help you"

I couldn't decline his offer. He followed me to the kitchen and we made chicken enough for four cause I knew Chad was coming over again with Judy, later on. While cooking we discussed about his work. His dad is a chancellor at Cambridge and and it was an easy pass for him becoming  prof.

I felt two big hands hold my waist and I leaned in. "It's good to be back home" Garry said.


I checked the time. After four and almost time for Judy to be back and then I remembered something. My containers! Those are cost.

"Can I go somewhere now?" I asked Garry who was watching Netflix on the couch now.

"Where babe? It's late"

I smiled at his caring habit. "I forgot my containers where I delivered cupcakes"

"I'll come with you"

"No! Stay here till Judy gets back so she sees someone at home. I won't be long alright?"

"Alright. But take my car" he said and threw me his key. I caught it with a smile and rushed to the elevator.

It was a convertible BMW. White, Cool ride. I got in and drove to Vance, with hopes that they weren't closed.


I got there at past eight and the workers had gone, only the janitor and some cleaners remained. I explained to them and they told me to go up. I took the elevator and got to the last floor. I located the conference room and got in. The place was dark and I didn't know where the switch was so I turned my phone on.

"And you are?" I was startled at the sudden intrusion. The conference light went on and I stopped in my track when I turned around to find Christian Vance walking towards me.

His walking step was so mature, cool and his face was so handsome. He was too good to be an ordinary human, but why the cold attitude all the time?.


He moved closer and I could smell his Cologne. Mint.

"I came to get my containers"

His eyes moved round the room to the waste bin and my eyes turned dark. They didn'

"That cost me a fucking lot!" I yelled and his brows raised. Shit!

"Sorry" I said quickly. He straightened his collar and moved past me to the door.

"Just get new ones"

"Its not that easy you know" I said with irritation. I just lost my containers and he was acting all cool, with his sleek face.

"It wasn't my fault you left them" he said sullenly.

"You would have at least kept them. That's human behavior"

His expression turned sour and I took a step backward. I didn't mean it that way.

"Did you ask if I was the one that threw it first before yelling like you've lost it? Get out." His voice was cold.

True. It may have been the cleaners.

"Once again. I'm sorry" I said lowering my head. My phone rang and I picked it. "Hello babe?"

I turned to find Christian staring blankly at me.

"I'm on my way... No I didn't get them... They're expensive.... Alright... Love you. Bye"

I placed my phone in the back pocket of my jean.

"Your boyfriend must have a lot of nerve to keep up with your naive self" Christian said and I flinched at his words.

"He loves me still and I love him" I said and started walking out.

"I hope to not see you again" he said and I scoffed.

"Me too" I continued out without stopping until I got to the elevator.


What a big jerk! I drove into the parking lot of the storey building. I found my apartment and got in. There were laughters and I knew Judy was home.

"There you are!" Judy said hopping to my side. I smiled at her and she pulled me into a quick hug.

"Welcome back Judy... Chad? Hi"

Chad waved at me before pulling me into a hug. I went to sit next to Garry who kissed me on my lips.

"How was your outing today?" Chad asked putting a chicken wing in his mouth.

"Good. I met this really nice guy Richard. The rest where nice too"

Garry cleared his throat and I looked at him. "Rich is just a friend baby. You're my one and only" I said and kissed his smiling jaw.

"How was the place? Did you see Christian? Did you get a tour?' Judy asked in a rush and Chad cooled her down with a kiss in the cheek, making her squirm.

"One at a time babe" he said before turning to me. "No but seriously did you meet Christian?".

My face instantly turned sour.

"What?" That all asked me at once.

"He's an asshole. I wish to never see him again on this earth" I confessed and they chuckled.


"Long story"

"Tell us anyway" Judy persisted and I gave in. I told them right from this morning till I left the building just like an hour ago.

"Whoa his cold" Chad said and Judy stifled a laughed. Garry just held my hand tight.

"Forget him babe" he said and I leaned into his warmth.


Judy and I cleared the plates off while Chad and Garry played video games in the parlour.

"Are you happy he's back?" Judy surprise me by asking. I turned and looked at Garry who was laughing and yelling about the game.

"Yeah. But he's not back for good yet"

"Hmm." She returned to clearing and I minded my own business until she said something again.

"You know this girl Gina?"

"Yeah" we all used to be friends in college.

"She have been posting pictures of she and Garry on Face book, Instagram and Snapchat and putting stupid hashtags like #love#"

I shrugged. "They're friends. Garry told me"

"Fuck friendship. She's all over him and she knows you two are dating! That's crap" Judy was turning into defence mode. I love her but she's not right about Garry. He may be far away , but I know he'd never cheat on me. He was the one who persisted on keeping a long distance relationship.

"Please Judy. He's my boyfriend. I'll handle him"

"Fine. Do what you want but beware of Gina" she said before walking out of the kitchen. Garry would not leave me for Gina. He wouldn't hurt me like that would he? I pick up the table rag, wiping off the crumbs of cake from the countertop.

I strolled back to the parlour and kissed Garry on his cheek. "I'm off to bed"

"Wait for me babe" he said and dropped the controllers. He shook Chad's hand, before following me up.

"I'm hungry" he surprise me by saying, a smirk on his face.

"What? You just ate chicken"

"Not for food. You!" With that he picked me up and led us to the bed. I really do miss him.


I woke up to meet Garry by my side. His brown hair was in a cute mess and his lips partly opened. I've missed waking up to him by my side. I kissed his cheek and walked to the bathroom. I need to be at work early.


When I got to work, Berry was there already. She was my assistant at the shop. There was also this guy Jade, He's Twenty and is just working to earn money for college.

"Good morning Marcy" Berry said and I hugged her.

"Morning Berry." She was a college student too.

"Uh.. Marcy? Someone deliverd these, this morning"

She brought a big box to me and I read the letter.

**** they're expensive too. Try not to loose them next time or your boyfriend might just dump you***


He was an asshole if he thought I wouldn't know it was him. I opened the box to find new cupcake containers. I smiled. They looked even more expensive than my old ones. I literally pat myself for loosing the old ones.

I ordered Berry to take them to the kitchen. The first customer came and he ordered whipped cream with straw berry and a cupcake for his cute little son. My next customer was... Richard?.

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