5. Vanilla

I stopped in from of Vance building, hopped out of the taxi before paying my fare. I need to get a car. When I step into the building, I allow myself to take in the amazing decor and sweet smell of papers and even morning coffees from the staffs that walked by. I found the elevator and got in. I'm always lucky not to miss it.

This time it wasn't the conference room but an office. I didn't know who but I knocked on the door anyway, forgetting to read the logo at the top of the door.

A lady with tight blond bun came out and told me to go in.

As I stepped in, my breath was taken away with the expanse of the office. Black and white was the interior color, green leaves lined the office and a water tank was situated on a glass table by the wall. The office is well furnished with modern designs. I approached a figure with dark suit standing by the window.

"Um.. Hello"

He turned and my heart jolted to see Christian. What the fuck! I turned around to leave but the door shut on its own. Just great! An Automatic lock. So how does he operate the shit door from his sit.

"You haven't delivered Marcy"

"What do you want!?"

He walked towards me and collected the bag of cakes.

"A cake. Please seat" he pointed to a green couch and I move away, my butt hitting the comfy chair.

He took the cakes to his seat and sat down. I must say, I did enjoy him eating my cake and making little noises that seemed to turn me on. Slut!. My body is a fucking betrayer, and she knows it.

"Hmm. What flavour?"

"Obviously chocolate" I scoffed and he raised a brow.

"You're pretty feisty today. Tell me, how did it go with your boyfriend?"

"Don't act like you care"

"I don't" he stated simply and returned to eating the cakes. What a cold being!.

"You know. I could give you record for world most annoying guy"

"Man" he corrects and I stifle a laugh. He thinks himself a man and that might just be the funniest thing I've heard since I met him.

"Right" I smiled and he stared at me flatly.

"Tell me about yourself Marcy" he surprise me by saying, making me to scoff.

"And why would I do that?" I sounded super irritated.

"Never mind. I don't really care" he said but I could sense lies. I didn't want to jump into conclusions. I crossed my legs and relaxed in the seat. Afterall, he's always asking about Garry. He may be praying the guy friend in the sea of something sick like that.

"Can I please leave now. I'm tired and have work to do".

"You can sleep on that couch there. I'm sure it's comfortable than your bed" he growled.

"You're so proud and you know that saying? What was it again..." I put my hand on my chin trying to remember and he looked at me amused, but irritated.

"Aha! Pride goes before a fall" I said clapping my hands together.

"You're so cheap" he states.

I opened my mouth in shock. There was a clicking noise. Liano slid the containers to me. "You may leave now"

I got up abruptly, feeling the back of my eyes sting."I will go. And don't expect me to accept contracts from you ever again"

I started out but he always had something to snap at me with. Leaving me speechless.

"Trust me you won't get any from me and cross the road safely this time. I'd hate to see my dreams come true"

I snorted and stomped out. I can't stand that guy! Billonaire or not! He's a pig, a very big fat pig!

I waited for a taxi to stop but instead, Garry's car pulled up

"Leave me alone Garry" I started walking off.

"Baby. Let me explain please" he was following me like a psycho.

"Explain what! That you're fucking Gina?"

"I'm not. Who told you that. She likes me but I only have eyes for you"

I almost smiled at his confession but the face of Gina flashed and I shook my head. Something was surely going on between them. Before he came back, his call siezed and there's the thing that I went to check out all of Gina's media and it was all there. She was all over him, even kissing his cheek and he was grinning like a fool.

"I need some time please" I said and started walking off. He kept on following but a black car pulled in front of me. The glass went down to reveal Christians face. I look at the building where I just left him and then return my stare back to him.

"He's getting close. Get in" Christian said.

I stood for a while but he opened the door and pulled me to sit beside him. The car drove off before Garry could reach the door.

I turned to Christian and he was so emotionless.

"Why'd you do that?" I ask him.

"He was bothering you and by the way I just thought you seeing me would piss you off"

"Stop the car so I can get down" I said with a commanding tune. He didn't seem to mind me. The car kept on going on, until it started showering then he told the driver to stop.

"You may come down now" he said and I almost tell at him.

"Are you insane? Its raining now!"

"Drizzling. Not raining, so get down" he wasn't looking at me the whole time. I swear if I had a knife, the first thing I would do is pull out his cold heart, melt it and, then kill him again. Two deaths. I stepped out of the car and braced my self. The car drove past splashing a little water on me. How can someone be so mean and infuriating!


I kept strolling towards home. It was raining now and hard to find a taxi. I tried calling Judy, and then my fingers played with the call button to Richard.


The rain was heavy so Richard decided we go to his house since it was closer. In truth I was happy to see Daniella plus I didn't want to see Garry right now. His car pulled into his exclusive mansion and a smile played on my face.

Daniella ran into her dads arms and I couldn't help but giggle. He kissed her whole face and called her a princess. Now that's something I wished my dad would've done instead he took joy in tormenting me and my mom.

"Marcy!" She hopped into my arms next.

"Hello beautiful" she pecked my cheek and I smiled at her little doll face.

"Come in please" Richard said and we followed inside.

Richard surprised me by cooking lobster soup. After that, we ate, chat and listened to Daniella tell us all about her school then she drifted off to sleep in my arms. Richard and I shifted to talking about work then family.

"I have a sister you know. Her name's is Roselle" Richard said.

"That's a sweet name. You know I once wished I had a sister named Becky"

Richard laughed. "But you don't right? Or else I'll say you were some wishing angel"

"Nope. I don't"

"Should've told your dad. He would've fixed it"

I laughed at his comment but then my brows creased.

"What? Did I say something wrong?" He scooted closer.

"No. Its not about you"

"Then what?"

I sighed. "After my mom had me, my dad became all mean and acting like a villain all the time." I gulped. "He would pull my mom by her hair and hit her" I looked at Richard wondering why I just told him that. He had pity in his eyes. That's why I hate telling anyone my story. They always seem to pity me. It shouldn't be. They should encourage me and tell me what a bastard he was and how fucked up his life was.

"I'm so sorry Marcy. I shouldn't have brought that up."

I shook my head. "Its ok. No one is to blame for his madness" I chuckled.

"What happened to him. Where is he?"

I looked up at Richard and a tear slid down my face. "He's gone"

"Shit!" Richard pulled me to his chest and I held on to him like he was life. "I shouldn't have asked. Again, I'm so sorry"

I sobbed into his shirt. I knew I shouldn't cry over a man that never loved me and insulted me and my mom but what can I do? He was still my dad after all.

The rain calmed down and Richard offered me a ride home. I refused but he was persistent.

His sleek BMW drove into the drive way and he came to open my door for me. He pulled me in for a hug before letting go.

"Good night Marcy"

"Good night"

I turned and walked into the building.


Its been a whole full week and no contracts, just normal customers coming to grab breakfast or fast food. I was tired out of my skeleton but Berry did her best to keep me company. Jade too. He kept talking about how many girlfriends he had. The truth is, Jade was cool and sometimes, we laughed like we attend the same college. Once, Judy thought we were dating and that made Garry jealous for a while before he learnt to understand. That brought about the first misunderstanding.

My phone beeped and there was a message from Richard inviting me to join him for a dinner parry tonight by six.

"What should I do?" I asked both Berry and Jade.

"Reply him a yes!" They both yell at the same time.

"But.. But.. This is past four and I don't even have anything to wear" I pulled at my hair.

"First give the guy an answer" Jade sassed and I smiled before replying yes.

He replied with a smiley face telling me he'll pick me up at six.

"Now what do I wear"

"We can't tell. Your wardrobe's not here" Berry place her hands in front of me, her palms facing my face, she twitched them from side to side as if measuring mt face, I giggled.

"So we need to get you there now" Jade said. I stared at the shop. Only two people were in it.

"How about you manage the shop and I'll go with Berry." I told Jade. He only sighed about how he was supposed to hang out with a girl soon, but later agreed. We left quickly. I called Judy when we got back to my apartment telling her about the party.

"I'm not going to see what you wear but I know you'll impress me" she said joyfully.

"How bout this" Berry raised a black gown that was long and had thin hand. I considered the cold but then, I needed to look good.

"Perfect" I said and rushed into the bathroom to shower. The only thing, that was in my head was, if Richard was going to be there, surely Christian would be there. I can't deny I wanted to see him again but he didn't want to. Its been a week since our last exchange and we haven't seen each other or talked.

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