6. Cinnamon

At six, a black limousine pulled into the drive way and I quickly picked up my Silver purse. I was wearing a silver sandals and my hair was styled the Italian way simply because Berry was half Italian. Her grandma hailed somewhere from there...or so she said.

I took the elevator down and met Richard. His eyes were sparkling and he looked dazzling and handsome in that back tux. He opened the door for me and we both got into the back seat. I smiled at the driver.

"So who's watching Daniella tonight?" I asked Richard.

"The sitter is back" he said before turning to me." You look pretty in that dress" he said.

I smiled "you're not so bad yourself"


The party was held at a hall in Mega Hotel. I hopped down and clinged unto Richards arms. When we stepped in, I wondered who the host was. The place was finely designed and looked expensive. The people were also expensive. They were arrayed with golds and silvers and all kind of beautiful ornaments.

"You're the prettiest" Richard whispered In my ears and I smiled at him. I mouthed a thank you.

I still wasn't seeing Christian anywhere. And yes! I'm looking for him. Richard showed me to his friends and I could say, they were lovely people.

The wine looked so enticing as it passed by on a moving tray, so I grab a flute, pressing it to my lips and downing the content.

"And for our host... Mr Christian Vance!" The speaker announced and I clutched the glass tight. I wanted to see his annoying face that so easily scrunched up  as if he was displeased with the world.

He walked into the hall with smiles on his face. He greeted some people and holding unto him was a Blondie. Her gown was flawless. It was long then had a slit at the side to her thigh. The neckline was low, it couldn't even be considered a neck line seeing how low it was. Her boobs were extreme huge it looked fake and it was almost spilling out of her dress. As flawless as she looked she carried the appearance of a whore. They started making their way towards us and I held my breath, I look away, pretending to gurgle.

"Rich my man!" Christian gave Richard a friendly hug then he turned to me. "Nice to see you again Mirabel" his face as always, held no emotion and his eyes rummaged my body.

"It's Marcy" Dork! I silently add, hemet go of a grin.

The blondie turned his cheek to face him. "I'll go grab a drink babe" she kissed his lips and walked out. What a bitch. Richard smiled at Christian before they started talking.

"Can I speak to Christian for a while Mabel? I'll be back" Richard said. I smiled faintly as they walked away.

They were gone for like a minute when the bitch came back, her eyes moving round the large hall

I narrow my eyes at her like some eagle after it's prey. What does he see on her. He called me cheap. This blonde definitely looked expensive, but who's to say it's her money.

"Where are they." She pouted.

"Went to talk" I say shortly, without looking at her.

"Oh... I miss Christian already. My baby" she sounded so fake and stupid with a whiny bitchy voice. Her really bright lipstick could pain this whole hall.

"Is that so?" I clucked with zero interest.

"Hmm. He's so wonderful" she drew her face close to mine and I flinch. "Especially in bed" she purred and I felt my stomach churn.

What a blabbermouth. If Christian find out about how she talks about their privacy, I bet he'd be mad.

"O...k" I said, moving my head from side to side. Richard where are you? Please come and save me.

"He does this things with his lips and fingers. Oh shit!"

She looked like she was masturbating. She closed her eyes and threw her head backward like she was doing something nasty and I had to look away, distancing myself from her.

"So good. He's so good at sex..." She said and then pursed. "Actually, the man likes sex a lot" she said and then giggled.

I swallowed and stuck my tongue out. "I'm going to use the restroom, now" I got up and ran away from the lustful woman. Where did Christian ever find someone like her in his life.

I couldn't find the bathroom so I ended up getting lost in the hallways. There were low murmuring coming from the back of a door so I peered in to find Christian and Richard. They Didn't look like they were on good terms.

"I told you not to bring that bitch!" Richard was telling him.

"And you get to tell me what to do? How?" He was so cold in everything he does.

"I'm sure she's out there embarrassing herself right now"

Yep! She's done enough.

"What can I do? She's the only one who won't leave"

What was he referring to about leaving?

"Its a lie. You just need to look harder. Ivy is nothing  to write home about. She's just using you and eating your money she doesn't love you".

Liano sighed. "I don't really care wether she loves me or not.  All I know is she's not leaving me like others do Rich. She's always there"

This guy was a sadist. I closed the door and walked away. No wonder he was so cold. He picks on innocent things to justify his loneliness. Now I understand him but I still dislike him. For him to be so persistent on keeping a woman like Ivy, he's got to have something really bad going in for him.

I went back to the party and was happy to find Ivy gone. What a name.


It was almost an hour when Christian showed up. Alone.

"Where's Richard?" I asked him but he only snubbed me and went away. Really? I felt like pulling his long, curly black hair that shone like the devils throne.

"Hey Mar!" Thank God! Richard. He took my hand and led me to the dance floor. "Wanna dance?"

"As bored as I am? Yes"

"I'm I boring you" he said as we started moving to the beat of the song.

"No! Its just the party. Filled with rich people dressed in clothes that can buy my whole apartment"

He chuckled. "But still none as pretty as you"

"Hmm. Thanks"

We moved to the song and I was lost in my own thoughts. What did they discuss last? They seem to be avoiding each other. I turned my face to the end of the hall and there was Christian, Ivy was all over him but his eyes were focused on... Me?

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