8. Cherry

My eyes scanned Christian's eyes for any missing emotion but there was none. It seemed so real.

His eyes searched mine too.

"Tell me Marcy. Did I hurt you?" He asked again. I gulped a tear down.

"Hmm" I couldn't speak. He pulled me into his arms and I was stunned. It was a new feeling of warmth. Not Garry's or Richards or even Judy or her boyfriend but the warmth of Christian. I held his charcoal suit in my hand clenching it. The first time I'd hugged him, he still smells so nice and minty.

"I'm sorry Marcy" he said again.

I was getting worried at how calm and caring he was. And towards me for that matter. No! I couldn't believe it yet. It was too good to be true.

"Christian... "

I wanted to pull away from the hug but his grip on me was too strong.

"Liano... What is wrong with you?" I asked calmly and almost like it wasn't a question.

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