Chapter 5

"Please Max, I swear if you - Ah!" I screamed when I felt him loosening his grasp around me. I looked at him to see him grinning. How dare he? I feel so weak. Why didn't my brother teach me how to fight? Maybe he was worried that I would go all ninja on him after all he is the one fighting with me every day and he is the one who started all the fights.

But really, he should have taught me. At least, he would have felt at ease there at Cape town, studying his higher studies. After all, I am his little sister who is too innocent and who hadn't discovered the world yet. His words, not mine.

"Okay, I won't throw you if you say that ' you are so sexy ' huh, what say?" he smirked and winked at me. Okay, that's easy.

"Okay, I am so sexy." I repeated after him but he looked at me with a weird look before laughing. I felt his chest vibrating and I couldn't hold the smile which made its way on my face. This Max was different. I like this Max. He was laughing without caring about other people staring at him. He was as if laughing after a long time. He looks so cute and sweet.

When he finally composed himself, he had a genuine smile but it soon turned out into his famous smirk. I think that's why many girls fall for his gorgeous and signature smirk. It was really charismatic. I couldn't stop staring at his face.

"Done checking me out, babe?" he winked and once again, I felt the fire inside me, both from embarrassment that he found me observing him and anger at him for turning into the chauvinist pig that he was again.

Couldn't he act normal for once in his life? I mean, come on man, enjoy life. Enjoy the little sweet moments of your life instead of hiding your true self by being a complete jerk and player at school.

He began loosening his arms around me and I panicked. Is he going to throw me?

"No no no, Max, please, I'm sorry -

"Calm it woman, I am n -

"Max, please! I am really sorry", I cried and tightened my grasp on him.

"Shit, why are women so annoying?" I heard him muttered silently to himself. What? Did he really say that? How could he? He is going to throw me in freezing water and he dared say that I am annoying? I swear this water has a lot of diseases in it. It's so dirty. I mean, it looks dirty.

I felt myself being carried back to the entrance of the park. Wait! He is not going to throw me in there but then where - oh no! He is going to throw me in the freaking big dustbin at the other side of the park. When I look up, I saw his annoying smirk plastered on his face. I swear I am going to strangle him in his sleep tonight.

I started wiggling in his arms and tried to remove his hold on me.

Just then an amazing idea cropped up in my mind. I grabbed his hair and started messing it up. I know how boys don't like it when someone messes with their hair, right?

"What the hell, Shelly?" so, he knows my name. I think he is definitely annoyed because he used my name. He looked funny. When I saw his petrified face, I giggled quietly but it was cut off when I felt a stinking pain in my butt.

No freaking way! He just threw me on the floor. How dare he? He – Ugh! He is really cruel. Like a monster.

I looked up at him, my mouth wide opened with shock. He was re-styling his hair while looking at his phone screen.

I sighed and got up, dusting my white shorts and glared at him. I think some so-called people never change in life.

"What?" he yelled at me in frustration and ran his left hand through his hair a few times. I jumped back in surprise but I couldn't help but think that boys might really be more girly when it comes to their hair.

"Nothing", I fired back and crossed my arms over my chest.

He closed his eyes for a few seconds as if calming himself. Yeah, right, you really need this. You have to cool down. You are too serious and hyper in life.

When he opened his eyes, he stared at me, studying my face. I felt him gazing at me and soon, his wandering eyes traveled up and down my body a few times. I felt self-conscious with his excruciating stare. I fidgeted uncomfortably as I glanced down at myself to see if there was some remaining dirt on my clothes that I missed but when I noticed nothing, I looked back up at him. I don't have the perfect body like a model but I was okay, neither too thin nor too fat. I was okay. His eyes were on my exposed legs this time.

"My eyes are up here." this time it was me who shouted at him and he looked taken aback by my sudden outburst. I mean, come on, you are checking a girl in front of her as if she is a piece of meat that you could jump at if you are given the chance to do so. I wasn't going to be the next girl on his one night stand girls' list. 

I cringed at that thought. Without waiting for his reply, I turned my back to him and started walking back home.

"Wait!" I heard him call and rushing towards me. I simply avoided him and walked silently without glancing at him. He walked beside me without trying to talk.

Soon, we reached our houses. I saw him opening his mouth to say something but immediately closed it back. He looked as if he was still thinking about what he should say. A sorry would have been great. I almost snorted at that. Who am I expecting to apologize here? Max Jackson, the bad boy? Never in your dreams, Shelly.

Great! I am becoming mad. I am hearing a voice in my head now. I wiped at the single tear that fell from my right eye. I turned away from Max, hiding my face from him. Without waiting for him to tell something, I entered my drive way and went inside the house, closing the door and leaning my back over it. I closed my eyes and shook my head.

As my new neighbour, I thought that maybe he would be one of my friends but boy, was I wrong? For him, I was just a girl who he would bang without a second thought just for the fun of it.

I wasn't going to be the laughing stock at my school.

I wasn't going to be one of his one night stand girls.

Meeting him was a mistake.

It was a mistake.

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Why would she not ask him about why he said they were dating?

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