Chapter 72

Shelly’s point of view;

I slowly opened my eyes and found myself lying on the floor. My head somehow aches. I was just about to get up but I couldn't. It was then that I realized that my hands and feet were tied up with ropes. I pushed myself up and leaned my back against the cold wall. I looked around but could barely see anything. It was dark and only the beam of the moon penetrating through the window served as my light from where I was.


Now that I can address you guys thank you for giving my first book a chance by reading it. Thank you for all the support and love <3 It means a lot to me. Please, leave a review after reading. Thank you!

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Stephanie Johnson
loved reading this book! definitely a good read, keeps you in suspense as well as laughing along with the characters
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Jessica Davis
Ummmmm that’s the ending? Ughhh
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Veronica Allen-Jones
Loved this book, is there going to be a sequel, I hope so..😊
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